Friday, November 4, 2016

Cover Reveal for Barbara L.B. Storey's INTRODUCING US

Drumroll, Please!
Announcing the Cover Reveal for
Barbara L.B. Storey's


Book Two of the

Sweet Romance with a Touch of Spice

Back in London, safe and sound, Jon and Becca are ready to turn their idyllic weekend into a real-life romance.  But they’re in for a rude awakening: Becca’s best friend, Jayani, is highly skeptical of Jon’s intentions, and it’s clear that Jon’s mother, Ruth, is neither happy about this development nor the least bit welcoming. 
Jon tries to convince Becca that everything will be fine, in time, but then she overhears a conversation between his parents that shatters her hope and confidence in their future.  Not until that moment had she even thought about one alarming possibility: she could very well be pregnant. What happened between them was completely unexpected and neither of them was prepared for it, certainly. How could they have been so careless?  And what if Ruth is as skeptical about fate and love at first sight as her son – or worse, thinks Becca’s intention was to trap a famous young actor into marriage?

Becca’s first impulse is to run back to her own home and the comfortable, safe world she knows. She had feared real life would destroy their newfound love - now she’s sure she was right. But Jon refuses to give up on the future they’ve started to build.

Book Two of the Fate Chose Us series, Introducing Us, continues Jon and Becca’s story as they try to convince their families - and themselves - that an all too brief weekend can turn into a complicated happy ever after.
Expected Release Date November 15, 2016 

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