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Dazzle her by Ava Hayworth (Laws of Seduction #3)

Dazzle her
by Ava Hayworth

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Laws of Seduction - Book 3
Publisher: Ava Hayworth (June 29, 2016)
Publication Date: June 29, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 109 pages
Available from: Amazon
Ava Hayworth continues to deliver with heart pounding passion and suspense. Lainey opens up to James about her past. Is keeping their relationship a secret ultimately going to tear them apart? Can they learn to trust before it is too late?
James comes from wealth, a lot of wealth. I don’t know if I can fit into his world. His family hates me because I am not one of them. It is not only his family. My brother still blames James for his girlfriend’s death. The arson in my office remains unsolved, and I am beginning to receive other threats. Are they from one of the women obsessed with James or could it be someone else? 

 Dazzle her by Ava Hayworth (Laws of Seduction #3)

Dazzle her (Laws of Seduction #3)Has the world gone crazy? Are we so self-absorbed with being on top or have the pressures of our environment taken us beyond sane limits? James’ wealthy family sees Lainey as inferior. Lainey’s brother has his own bone to chew about James and everything he says is filled with hateful venom.

Lainey’s being followed, threatened and belittled for not being good enough for James. Someone is out to destroy her, but who would do such a thing? Is there a woman scorned just waiting in the wings to fulfill her own fantasy about James? Who is responsible for her office’s destruction?

As James and Lainey try to remove the veil of secrecy they both have, Lainey tells of her past, much of it dark and painful. Will it alleviate James’ obsessive jealousy? How can he think he must tether this independent and outspoken woman like a puppet on a string? It is as if it is them against the world, but why? Behind closed doors, their chemistry is monumental, but once the world steps in, they are almost back to square one.

Ava Hayworth’s DAZZLE HER delves even deeper into the twisted world of hate and suspense. Their passion remains hotter than a blast furnace, but those who mean the most to them remain as frigid as an iceberg to their pairing. Is there nowhere they can turn to find allies? Office romances rarely are a good thing, but for James and Lainey, it is turning deadly.

Over the top evil, high energy romance and nail-biting suspense. Pick your villain, pick your reason and hang on to discover who or what is behind Lainey’s problems. Ava Hayworth writes with a bold stroke, blending intrigue and mystery with the smoking hot sex that fantasies are made of. This is not a quick erotic read, there is a strong story line that begs to be recognized and acknowledged that adds depth and those nasty twists that keep readers guessing.
This is an adult series that runs so hot, you may blister your eyeballs!

I received this copy from Ava Hayworth in exchange for my honest review.

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