Friday, November 4, 2016

Grind by Edward Vukovic

by Edward Vukovic

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: February 2, 2016
Publisher: Edward Vukovic
Genre: Adult Fiction
Print Length: 396 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Ziva’s love of coffee is double-edged. Throughout her life, she gives her talent freely to those desperate for a glimpse into destiny’s promise. Predicting the future with chilling accuracy, she understands the cost and has sworn never to divine her own truth. Having fled the economic aftershocks of the Balkan war, she struggles adjusting to her new life and clings to the remnants of her past, until she meets Isaac. Against her better judgement, Ziva ‘reads’ for herself and what she sees will change her life irrevocably.

Told from the perspective of multiple characters, Grind follows the plight of Ziva, an ordinary immigrant with an extraordinary gift, and highlights the impact we have on each other through the interconnectedness of chance encounters

Grind by Edward Vukovic

GrindFive strangers in a world full of strangers cross paths and each has somehow affected the others’ lives, all because of the magic of coffee. Grind by Edward Vukovic is a tale of mystery, rituals and the power of fate in the world.

Do you have a coffee ritual? If so, you are one of millions, but Ziva’s ritual including reading the grinds, a power passed down by her grandmother to be used for helping others discover their futures. What if she read her own future? Dare she try it? What will she discover? How will her reading touch others?

Told in multiple points of view, each person has truly been caught in Ziva’s web, no matter how subtly, each voice is unique to the character and the atmosphere created by Mr. Vukovic is rich and full-bodied. His scenes are vivid and bring added life to each page as he carefully details each with his words. Fascinating reading, which gently glides through each page, perfect for escaping into another world and other lives! Settle in, grab your favorite grind and become a part of this well-thought out world!

I received this copy from Edward Vukovic in exchange for my honest review.

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