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Let It Be Christmas by Hebby Roman (A West Texas Christmas #2)

Let It Be Christmas
by Hebby Roman

Series: A West Texas Christmas Trilogy - Book 2
Publisher: Estrella Publishing (September 30, 2016)
Publication Date: September 30, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 141 pages
Available from: Amazon
After losing both her parents, Lindsay MacKillian has been living with her Aunt Minerva in Boston, learning to be a lady. When her unscrupulous fiancé gets her in the family way and absconds, she escapes home to Langtry, Texas to hide her shame.
Bart Houghton, a professional gambler, wants to quit his old profession and become a rancher, giving the MacKillian’s ranch a much needed infusion of capital. But he didn’t count on marrying Chad’s sister as part of the deal. And to make matters worse, Lindsay doesn’t approve of his former profession and believes he is unworthy as a husband.
Lindsay and Bart, despite their differences and having a marriage in name only, can’t help but being attracted to each other. As their attraction matures, they have to face the obstacles of their pasts. Can Lindsay put aside her preconceived notions about Bart? Is Bart ready to settle down and give Lindsay the family she wants?  

Let It Be Christmas by Hebby Roman
(A West Texas Christmas #2)

Let It Be Christmas (A West Texas Christmas Trilogy Book 2)I am a Christmas romance junkie, add the untamed West, turn back the clock to the nineteenth century, and I salivate! Make it a story of forgiveness, love and new beginnings and I turn to mush. Give me a good cabin raising and I can almost smell the food and hear the “band” playing afterwards! LET IT BE CHRISTMAS by Hebby Roman is a trip back into time, a time we could never imagine, where one young lady’s “mistake” is “corrected” by a very unlikely man, whose “career” is questionable and frowned upon and she is the first to point it out.

Lindsay came back to the family sheep ranch, disgraced, deflowered and expecting. Through the quick thinking of her brother and his new partner, former gambler and ladies’ man, Bart Houghton, she becomes a wife in name only to give her child a name. Her opinion soon changes when she sees how determined Bart is to make the sheep ranch work, and just maybe his shirtless body might have interested her, just a wee bit. Can a good Catholic girl who has already fallen from grace see the true goodness in a man who made his living with a deck of cards? Could this Christmas bring more than the miracles of the season?

Two thumbs up for Hebby Roman’s sweet, yet mildly spicy tale of Texas back in the day. The simplicity of the times, the generosity of those who have little to begin with is heartwarming to read about! Lindsay has spent time back east and no longer understands the way of the West, from the simple handmade clothes to the unexpected friendships she earns. She has heart, and that heart is clearly fighting to not beat for Bart. Bart, while not as “front and center” as Lindsay is definitely a bad boy for the times, but the man he is will melt your heart. Fabulous reading from an extremely talented author who knows how to kick off that Holiday Spirit with her words! Who knew sheep farming could be so sexy? An endearing escape that reads quickly, yet will give you the warm and fuzzies!

I received this copy from Hebby Roman in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thank you so much, Dianne. What a lovely and well-written review (as always)! I really enjoyed your humorous touches, too! Made me laugh out loud.