Friday, November 4, 2016

The Binding by Laurel Wanrow (The Illuminated Threads, #3)

The Binding
by Laurel Wanrow

Series: The Illuminated Threads - Book 3
Publisher: Sprouting Star Press; 1 edition (October 19, 2016)
Publication Date: October 19, 2016
Genre: YA Steampunk Fantasy
Print Length: 424 pages

Come into THE BINDING, the entangling final chapter of THE LUMINATED THREADS and the fight for Blighted Basin’s future…

Annmar Masterson has one chance to foil the scheming industrialist taking over the farmlands—a man who covets her body and the staggering power of her luminated threads. She must leave her proper Victorian upbringing behind and dedicate herself to mastering the threads—the heritage of her blood.

Shapeshifter Daeryn Darkcoat can’t protect Annmar until he faces the spell tying him to old friends and heartbreaking memories, and even then, she won’t hide behind the alpha male who holds her heart.

With or without Daeryn, Annmar faces an impossible choice. If she uses her luminated threads to harm, she loses them...but fighting without the threads will bind her new homeland to a madman.

Mixing witches, shapeshifters and a coming-of-age historical romance in a secret corner of England, THE BINDING delves deeper into the exciting steampunk fantasy world introduced in THE UNRAVELING and THE TWISTING.

The Binding by Laurel Wanrow (The Illuminated Threads, #3)
The Binding (The Luminated Threads, #3)Once again, Annmar must choose to use her Knack wisely or face harming those she has grown to care about. Shearing is out to bring Blighted Basin to its knees, bowing to his power and control while seeking vengeance on Annmar for standing up to him, denying him what he wished for from her. There will be loss and sorrow, fear and joy and a quest to make a better future through strength of character and the grit of conviction.

Laurel Wanrow has given us the third installment of Annmar’s tale and the magnetism is intensified as reality becomes a distant thought and Ms. Wanrow’s world becomes our reality. For me THE BINDING is best described as “MORE.” More mystery, more intrigue, more suspense, more emotions and more fabulous storytelling. I wanted it all and I received it from the brilliant cover to the very last page, Ms. Wanrow and Annmar have delivered!

This is steampunk fantasy at its best, with shapeshifters, witches and that particular flavor that brings this world to life with vibrant energy, brilliant characters and dialogue that is spot on! Annmar is coming of age before our very eyes, her change is like watching a flower fully open and her feelings for Daeryn are deepening into a sweet romance. From the social issues that have been addressed to the atmosphere of the 19th century, Ms. Wanrow has told a story that will fascinate all ages and set imaginations running free! What will Annmar risk to save those she cares about? What will she discover about herself and her Knack? Will she learn to truly understand the powers of the illuminated threads and what they mean for her? Page after page of magnetic reading, appropriate for all ages represent a tale to savor, characters to remember and the talent of an author to follow.

Follow this journey through the series and feel a part of this world where good battle evil and knowledge of oneself is a priceless commodity! Perfect reading for YA readers on up!

I received this ARC copy from Laurel Wanrow in exchange for my honest review.

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