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Nothing But Trouble by Lindsey Pogue (A Saratoga Falls Love Story, Book Two)

Nothing But Trouble
by Lindsey Pogue

A Saratoga Falls Love Story - Book 2
Publication Date: December 16, 2016
Publisher: Lindsey Pogue | L2 Books
Genre: Holiday Romance
Print Length: 337 pages
Available from: Amazon
Most small towns have stories and their fair share of secrets. Saratoga Falls is no exception—my family is no exception.

Six months ago, my life was simple. I went to work and to my brother’s hockey games; I made sure my dad’s diet consisted of more than crap food and that the house didn’t smell entirely like a jockstrap. But one cool, miserable morning, a stranger walked into my life. It’s surprising what a pair of piercing, judgmental blue eyes will do to a girl who’s all but sworn away from men. But that wasn’t the only curveball. Whatever happened to living in blissful ignorance? Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, you realize just how clueless you really are.

I was wrong . . . about everything.

The first time Colton Hayes meets Mac, half-naked and swearing at him, he knows she’s nothing but trouble. But despite their efforts to dislike one another, Colton and Mac are more alike than they think—stubborn, scarred, and full of surprises. This is a story about first loves and second chances, about the power of friendship and seeing life outside the shadows of your past. Join Sam, Reilly, Nick and the Carmichael crew in this heartwarming story of life unexpected. Nothing But Trouble is Mac and Colton’s story.

 Nothing But Trouble by Lindsey Pogue
(A Saratoga Falls Love Story, Book Two)

Nothing But Trouble (A Saratoga Falls Love Story, Book Two)So, when is “trouble” a four letter word? When that trouble is L-O-V-E and the two people falling do so kicking, screaming and denying all the way down that tunnel. To say that Mac and Colton met under unique and cleverly funny circumstances would be an understatement, then again, to say their eyes met and the world fell away would also be an LOL moment!

Mac is beautiful, she has attitude, the mouth to die for, (unless she is spewing explicatives en masse). Guess you could say her mouth will leave you in shock and awe. Just like her body and her loyalty and her passion and her kind-heartedness. The new guy at work has her all in a twist, he is hot and he is meticulous in what he does. He is also standoffish, cocky and condescending, seriously, he doesn’t even know her, yet Colton seems to think she is Typhoid Mary or something.

Colton has a few secrets and they are his to keep. But so does Mac and hers hurt, they are nightmares and they are roaring back with a vengeance. Who knew the hardnosed mechanic would find a way to sooth her pain? Who knew she could break through his own barriers and weasel her way into his life? Ahh, but there is the rub, Colton isn’t into commitment, he has been burned, torched, actually and no woman will ever do that to him again, ever.

When Mac’s world further crumbles and she is forced to leave the comfort of the family nest, she finds comfort in one of Colton’s secret, a beautiful little girl who enchants everyone she meets, including Mac. Could this be the start of something between Colton and Mac or will the love a father shares for his daughter cause him to re-enforce the walls around his heart? Will Mac find that no matter what, two is company and three is a crowd?

Lindsey Pogue has nailed another heart-wrenching tale of love between two people who need each other more than they could ever know! NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is a sweet and simmering love story that will have you sighing one minute and demanding blood the next! Old wounds must be healed, the present must be accepted and the future, well, with real love, I’m sure it will handle itself!

Ms. Pogue just gets better and better from start to finish as she adds unexpected pitfalls and joys to her delightful mix of characters. Hot, definitely hot, heart-warming and fabulous characters make this a must read for those who love great writing!

I received an ARC edition from Lindsey Pogue in exchange for my honest review.


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