Friday, December 23, 2016

Only for a Moment by Tabitha Vohn

Only for a Moment
by Tabitha Vohn

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: CreateSpace (November 1, 2016)
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Genre: Poetry
Print Length: 84 pages
Available from: Amazon

Poetry is an act of survival. A cry to everyone and no one. Intensely personal, shamelessly honest, and oftentimes an admission of inner ugliness, Only for a Moment chronicles nineteen years of the author’s life. It explores ideas of transience, transition, and redemption through the battlegrounds of metamorphosis from young girl to woman. Each poem presents a snapshot; a puzzle piece of what ultimately becomes a collective consciousness. A road map to trace back through the labyrinth of people and experiences that define us. 
Only for a Moment by Tabitha Vohn

Only for a MomentThe interpretation of poetry is personal. Often poems seem almost sad, like a cry to be heard or understood. Other times one may find their own interpretation to be something that mirrors one’s own feelings, even though the author has never met them. No matter what poetry does to or for you, you will find an opportunity to think, to imagine and to feel. Maybe you will feel a depth of emotions or maybe not.

Tabitha Vohn has composed and bundled a book of her own poetry, possibly exposing her inner self to the world. There are moments of raw feeling, moments that are dark and moments in which there seems to be a feeling of positivity. Looking to try something different, something that will allow you to stretch your mental limits in a need to understand the “message’ within? The cadence is often relaxing, allowing the reader a comfort zone in which to read and search what each poem is trying to say. Punctuation changes the flavor, so the author left a clean pallet on which the readers may color in their own thoughts!

If you think, "I do not like poetry," maybe you haven't found the right poem, yet!

I received this copy from Tabitha Vohn in exchange for my honest review.