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Solid Stone: Odyssey (Solid Stone #2) by E.G. Patrick

Solid Stone: Odyssey
by E.G. Patrick

My rating: 4 stars
Series: Solid Stone - Book 2
Publisher: FriesenPress; 1 edition (July 25, 2016)
Publication Date: July 25, 2016
Genre: Erotica | BDSM | Romance
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

After a catastrophic break-up that left her lost and heartbroken, Violet Cole offered herself, and her alter ego, the submissive Gia, to the powerful and charismatic Adam Stone, to save their relationship. Together they enter into a sexy explosive new world of dominance that Violet has only ever dreamed about in her most private moments.

At first, their new life together is nothing short of ecstatic and the two are enveloped in bliss, basking in erotic fantasy together. But tensions soon creep in, and despite their intense attraction to each other and boundary pushing sex life, their future together is thrown into jeopardy. What will Violet do this time?

Solid Stone: Odyssey (Solid Stone #2) by E.G. Patrick 

Solid Stone: Odyssey (Solid Stone, #2)She would do anything to save their relationship, even living out her most secret fantasies as Adam’s submissive. Violet has unleashed her inner siren and their relationship thrives as Adam finds his dom is well-suited to the life of power he lives. Have they found the right chemistry to strengthen their emotional bond or will their sexual games overflow into their day to day lives? Is Violet becoming smothered? Is Adam’s need to control every aspect of his life bordering on a twisted obsession where Violet is concerned? She may have given herself to him emotionally and physically behind closed doors, but Violet is her own woman with her own goals, her own friends and a desperate need to hold on to her own identity.

E.G. Patrick’s SOLID STONE: ODYSSEY is a raw look at a relationship that often borders on unhealthy as two individuals share their most intimate moments while struggling to find balance in their day to day lives. Violet has gone the extra mile, much to both of their pleasures, but has Adam taken far too much, unable to see compromise as a gift between lovers? The tension rises and Violet needs more than being a plaything or a possession to be molded and controlled by Adam when he cannot even profess his true feelings. There are storm clouds coming and Violet must decide to weather the storm or put her own needs first.

Not for those who blush easily or are not looking for intense and frequent sexual scenes, or those who have issues with controlling individuals. E.G. Patrick boldly creates a world of sheer intensity on each and every page. There are no apologies, deep emotional conflicts and two people who still haven’t quite found their happily ever after.

I can say that I was sucked right in and made some definite opinions regarding each of these characters, their actions and reactions, thanks to the raw style E.G. Patrick has employed!

I received this copy from E.G. Patrick in exchange for my honest review.

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