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The Sound of Love by Maria Watts

The Sound of Love
by Maria Watts

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 20, 2016
Publisher: Maria Watts
ISBN: 153974616X
Genre: NA Romance
Print Length: 430 pages
Available from: Amazon
It is the nineties, the decade of boy bands. Every girl is in love with the Funky Guys, the most famous boy band of them all, dominating the charts worldwide.

Nina Bains is a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Southampton. She lives the life of every teenager going to school, hanging out with her friends and fantasizing about Chris Mulligan, one of the charismatic lead singers of the Funky Guys.

Until one day by sheer coincidence Nina has the chance to get to know Chris personally. They fall in love and their two worlds collide with such a force that Nina is knocked out of her everyday life before she even realizes what is happening. As she is drawn more and more into Chris' world, she suddenly finds herself on tour with a boy band phenomenon in a whirlwind of fancy hotels, tour buses, venues, fans, groupies and music. Soon she realizes all that glitters is not gold and she has to question everything she once believed in.

Will Nina survive life on the road? Is her love for Chris worth risking everything? And above all: Does Chris even understand the meaning of love?  

The Sound of Love by Maria Watts

The Sound of LoveRock stars, they sell their voices, their showmanship and their souls to an industry that breeds adoration, fantasies, easy sex and very large paychecks. When you are a teen, are truly prepared for such a world where privacy is unheard of and you are always on parade? Chris is one of the heartthrobs in the boy band, the Funky Boys and the girls from 6 to 60 find something to fantasize about. Nina is no exception, at 16, she is a serious, seemingly well-grounded student with a searing crush on Chris. Only a fluke gets her his actually home phone number and what started as an awkward and stilted conversation becomes a growing friendship where nightly, they talk for hours. Still, Chris, the All-American idol is like a larger than life dream to Nina, a proper English girl who is just discovering her inner wild child.

They meet when the Funky Boys come to London and Chris’ magnetic pull is overwhelming as Nina finds herself drawn into the life of a backstage groupie, not quite a girlfriend, but more than an acquaintance. Now reduced to lying to her parents and running off to travel with the band, Nina is no match for Chris’ mood swings and sexual appetite. Still she draws the lien at losing her virginity, but how long can she hold back?

SOUND OF LOVE by Maria Watts Lays bare the youthful pull of a fantasy world and a teen’s fantasy of being in love with a rockstar. Witness the moments of maturity Nina has, even as she continues to prove how immature her actions are. Chris is emotionally unstable, a product of his profession being too overwhelming or a narcissist side that he has always had? As he uses emotional blackmail on Nina, will she give in? Will she realize how unhealthy their relationship is?

Maria Watts bravely tells her tale with the maturity of a teen cut loose on the world, concentrating on Nina, as opposed to what her family is truly going through. Ms. Watts has written about every teen who has had a crush, a fantasy, and would give anything to act that fantasy out, but would the reality be as good as the fantasy? Does Chris’ character reflect the reality of what happens on the road or is he a figment of our imaginations of what we think goes on? Could it be that Nina will find the greatest gift of all on her adventure or will it become a nightmare to forget and a cherished memory of doing what is least expected of her?Fabulous story telling sure to bring memories back for many readers of what could have been, perhaps with a sigh of relief that it never was!

I received this copy from Maria Watts in exchange for my honest review.

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