Monday, January 9, 2017

Cover Reveal - Jillian David's LEGACY LOST

Coming March 13, 2017

by Jillian David

Baby sister of the Taggart ranching family, Shelby Taggart wants her own life, separate from her family, complete with a passionate, loving partner. Has the perfect, handsome guy been hiding in plain sight all these years? Not that it matters. Her psychic gift to read people’s emotions has rendered her a relationship cripple.

Eric Patterson has grown up with the Taggart kids, almost becoming part of the family he never had. Almost. When his long-suppressed feelings for tough and stubborn Shelby come to light, it’s clear he doesn’t see the sexy spitfire as a little sister. Far from it. Before they can explore their relationship further, Eric’s got his hands full keeping her safe from outside forces and from herself.

In the meantime, a threat grows from the neighboring ranch family, the Brands. Seems that the evil has spread, and a malevolent force will use anyone at its disposal to fulfill its mission: destroy the Taggarts. Now, it’s hellish focus has turned to Shelby.

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