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Guardian of the Grail by Elena Bryce (Immortal Blood Book 1)

Guardian of the Grail
by Elena Bryce

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Immortal Blood - Book 1
Publication Date: December 12, 2016
Publisher: Elena Bryce
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 229 pages
Available from: Amazon
Before vampires, they were Guardians, drinking the sacred blood of the Holy Grail, and sworn to protect it through the ages.

When Lachlan Thorn is entrusted with the task of relocating the Grail to a castle in the Scottish Highlands, he requires the help of a witch to conceal it on the perilous journey. Unfortunately for him, the only one available is Ivy, who is untrained and a descendant of the woman who broke his heart.

For Ivy, helping to protect the Grail gives her a chance to do something good with her magic and learn more about it. But once the Grail is out in the open it draws the attention of both vampires and vampire hunters alike, and before long Ivy is facing an ancient and powerful foe that she has no chance of escaping.

Forced to tap into the deeper magic, Ivy must travel through time, linking with her ancestors and experiencing witch trials to take on the power that is her heritage. She might also learn the startling truth about her connection to Lachlan.

Guardian of the Grail by Elena Bryce
(Immortal Blood Book 1)

The Holy Grail, one of the most sought after religious artifacts of all time. Who better to protect it and guard its secrets than one of the most powerful creatures on Earth, a Guardian made immortal by drinking blood of the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is in danger of being discovered by a being who would use it for their own purposes and it is up to Lachlan Thorn, an ancient vampire, to retrieve, and re-hide the Grail to keep it safe. In order to do so, he must use the services of a powerful witch to cloak the Grail from the world during its dangerous transport and who he has is Ivy, young, untrained and more than just a reminder of the woman he once loved and lost, she is her granddaughter.

Together they will face the most powerful immortal of all time, an entity known as the Wandering Jew. Will they succeed in their vital quest or will the Wandering Jew destroy their spirit by destroying everything they hold dear in the world.

Talk about a different and fascinating take on vampires, the paranormal world and one of the most vital relics of all time. Are vampires the evil threats that skulk around feeding off blood in the night or are they a creature created for a blessed mission of eternal worth? Elena Bryce has done the near impossible herself, she has given a fresh take on vampires that speaks volumes for her creative magic! GUARDIAN OF THE GRAIL is filled with intrigue, the pain of love lost and the joy of love found. It is a tale of choices, good or bad and the consequences of those choices as they affect others. An all-around wonderful escape into the world of good versus evil and the power of an ancient relic that remains shrouded in the faith that it truly exists and most of all, the power of love. If you are Team Vampire, this one is a MUST READ!

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