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Redemption by Donald Wells

by Donald Wells

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: May 28, 2014
Publisher: Donald Wells
Genre: Thrillers | Suspense
Print Length: 226 pages
Available from: Amazon
From DONALD WELLS The Author of The TAKEN! Series of Short Stories, Blue Steele, Caliber Detective Agency & The Reynolds Family Saga REDEMPTION Someone's taken her. Someone has abducted television star Kelly Rogers, and the police and the FBI both believe that it was him. And Jake Stelton can't really blame them, after all, he's done it before, Ten months earlier, their meteoric love affair ended with Jake taking Kelly hostage and threatening to kill anyone who dared try to separate them. When the chaos of that day ended, there were five innocent people dead, and Jake Stelton was in jail awaiting trial for murder. His lawyer assured him that his record as a war hero would gain him little favor in the wake of five dead bodies, and that an emotionally shattered Kelly Rogers would gladly testify against him, and had in fact, already told the police about his increasingly bizarre behavior in the days leading up to the killings. Things looked dim for Jake, that is, until they discovered the tumor. A leading brain surgeon testified that the tumor found growing inside Jake's skull, was the culprit that propelled him to such violent and paranoid behavior, and it was this testimony that set him free. His freedom meant little, because Kelly wanted nothing to do with him, her love for him could not overcome her fear of him, and so Jake retired to his farm, to live out his life alone. But someone has taken Kelly Rogers, someone has taken the woman he loves and put her life on the line, and Jake Stelton has made a vow to find her, to save her, and possibly, to even find redemption.

 Redemption by Donald Wells
RedemptionLike his worst nightmare repeating itself, Jake Stelton’s life is about to spiral completely out of control again. He had murdered, five times. He had kidnapped his famous girlfriend in order to keep them together forever. He was going to be sent to prison and would gladly go, until they found the tumor. There was a reason for his bizarre behavior, a massive tumor growing in his brain had turned him into a monster, and so, he was not guilty. Of course that didn’t bring those five souls back to life, it didn’t bring his girlfriend back and it didn’t stop the screaming guilt he felt for the havoc he had caused.

Now living alone, trying to stay separate from society and prying eyes, Jake is back in the hot seat because Kelly has been kidnapped again. Of course he is the first person everyone turns to, but it wasn’t him. Now he must stay free and discover who is trying to frame him while saving Kelly and finding his own form of REDEMPTION for himself.

Donald Wells has written a gritty and dark tale over-flowing with suspense and razor taut tension as a man on the emotional edge of ending it all finds a reason to live, if only for a while. A collection of characters revolve in and out of the story creating a touch of chaos. In the background, we know there is someone with a vendetta against Jake, but who is it? How can Jake prove this stranger exists? The world is against him…and time is running out.

A good read that has an excellent pace and a chaotic feel. There were times I would have liked a touch more detail, but all in all, this suspense is a keeper!

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