Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ryan by Jessica Gadziala (Mallick Brothers, #2)

by Jessica Gadziala


Series: Mallick Brothers - Book 2
Publication Date: February 2, 2017
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Suspense
Print Length: 230 pages
Available from: Amazon

She was perfect:
Sweet, smart, awkwardly adorable, and beautiful as hell.
The only problem was:
she was terrified to leave her apartment.
And, apparently, she had somehow gotten herself wrapped up with some pretty bad guys to boot.


He was perfect:
He was a living, breathing, walking, talking statue come to life.
But when would a man like that ever want to be with a woman who was too anxious to even walk into the hallway? Let alone go on a date with him. Or meet the family he was so close with.
That being said, he seemed interested for some reason.
So obviously, he was just as crazy as I was.
On top of that whole confusion situation, something was going on with my business partners. And things were about to go straight to hell…
 Ryan by Jessica Gadziala (Mallick Brothers, #2)

Ryan (Mallick Brothers, #2)She was the mysterious girl across the hall. She never left her apartment and she had convinced the postman to deliver her copious packages right to her door. Even Ryan, the Mallick family enforcer, successful businessman, couldn’t convince the guy to do that. Who was this beautiful woman held prisoner by her own fears?

He was everything a woman could dream of. He even starred in some of Dusty’s fantasies, but the chances of them ever meeting were slim and none, because that would require leaving her sanctuary. Besides what would Ryan Mallick want with a damaged damsel in distress? Dusty’s world was her apartment, to go out would bring on panic attacks that were crippling.

All it took was one group of thugs beating her to a pulp to cause Ryan to go all alpha protective as Ryan jumps to her defense, fists pounding. Why were they there? A known drug dealer has been seen at her door, but how could this shy woman be involved in anything illegal?
Little did Ryan Mallick know, caring for Dusty would become an act of more than valor, it would be a deadly game of life or death that will entangle the darker forces that lurk in this small New Jersey town. Ryan will do anything to keep Dusty safe and to help her regain the life that agoraphobia took away, because no matter what, that’s what a real man does.

RYAN by Jessica Gadziala once again, brings the softer side of a deadly man to life and once again, it takes a feisty woman with some dings and dents to do it. Ryan may be one of Jessica’s hottest alphas ever. No knuckles dragging here, Ryan comes equipped with brains, looks, loyalty and, to be honest, some searingly hot moves behind closed doors, or against a wall, even. His tenderness toward Dusty is swoon-worthy and his fierceness in protecting her is deadly. Dusty has some spirit, it is just hidden behind the terror she lives with on a daily basis. Kick in some well-placed bets and humor and Jessica Gadziala has another runaway hit on her hands! Keep some ice water handy and do not stray too far from the fainting couch!

I received an ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review.

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