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Seduction: A Money, Power & Sex Story by Norian F. Love

Seduction: A Money, Power & Sex Story
by Norian F. Love

Publisher: Project 7 Publishing (December 19, 2016)
Publication Date: December 19, 2016
Genre: African-American Romantic Erotica
Print Length: 244 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Kendra Daniels had all she’s ever desired; a great job in Houston and an even better relationship. But after losing out on a promotion to her rival, turned friend; and being transferred back to her hometown of Richmond, both her career and her love life are in doubt. Frustrated with work and growing increasingly suspicious about her lover Marcus, she decides to take a vacation to the isle of St. Martin where she meets Desmond, an attractive, mysterious man, with an even more curious profession. But temptation is only the beginning of this story, one which will certainly change Kendra forever. Picking up directly following the events of Money, Power & Sex this engaging, enticing, and erotic tale will reveal an indisputable argument: If love is king, then seduction is power!

Seduction: A Money, Power & Sex Story by Norian F. Love
Seduction: A Money, Power & Sex StoryWhen he met her, she was a geeky little field mouse, but Marcus saw so much more beneath the surface. He saw brains, inner beauty and a drive to succeed in young Kendra, so he made it his mission to bring her out of her shell and give her the physical confidence to take life by the horns and get noticed. Years later, after Kendra has lost a promotion and Marcus, a former soldier suffering from PTSD and several failed attempts in the business world have moved from Texas to Richmond. Thinking their flailing romance could gain roots in their hometown, Marcus never figured on Kendra being so miserable and feeling stunted in her corporate climb.

Marcus has been unfaithful and he blames it on Kendra’s drive at work, but when Kendra is offered her job back in Texas, neither can agree on what to do, Kendra hates Richmond, Marcus hates Texas. When Kendra takes a romance timeout, she heads for St. Martin for some solo R&R. What she finds is Desmond, a dream come true, a god between the sheets, an Adonis everywhere else. She thinks she has found true love with a man who has opened her eyes to more than vanilla sex, to the beauty in a walk on the beach and to the joy of just letting go. Now she must decide, the man who has shared her life for years, or the man who has known her very soul? What will she find when she leaves her dream lover for the tribulations at home? Marcus has had some revelations of his own, and the future lay in what is left of their love.

SEDUCTION: A MONEY,POWER & SEX STORY by Norian F. Love is filled with passion, deceit, anger, pain and the fear of failure to thrive in a relationship. It is also filled with an awakening passion between two strangers how find more than they bargained for on a warm and sandy beach. Mr. Love writes with a passion of his own as his lays all of his characters’ flaws from the past and present as they come to terms with what they need, as well as want. Then again, you can’t always get what you want, will these two get what they need? Erotic passion will scorch the pages, anger and hurt will fuel the flames and Norian F. Love has another fabulous read for anyone looking for writing that is magnetic, characters that you like one page and cannot stand the next. One thing for sure, this is one book that will haunt you when you finish that last page.

I received this copy from Norian F. Love in exchange for my honest review.

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