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Sixteen (The Dreamwalker Diaries #2) by Jen Estes

by Jen Estes

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Dreamwalker Diaries - Book 1
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press (January 16, 2017)
Publication Date: January 16, 2017
Genre: YA Time Travel | Fantasy
Print Length: 268 pages
Available from: Amazon

Six months ago, Ashling Campbell’s life was good. Okay, so the sleep deprivation sucked, but that’s what happens when you’re murdered by bloodthirsty demons on a nightly basis via freaky supernatural nightmares. That’s why she stepped up to her calling as a dreamwalker. But if she’d known that saving her town meant giving up everyone she loved, she’d have let that call go straight to voicemail.

She wants another chance. Just one. And the key to that chance lies with finding the mysterious stranger who disappeared shortly after her life went to hell. Her new mission is to dreamwalk again, or die trying.
The Jumlin wants another chance too. Just one. And the key to that chance lies with finding the weird sophomore who showed up just before he could summon hell on earth. His new mission is to stop the line of dreamwalkers, by killing just one – a girl that seems all too eager to die.

If Ash’s plan is to succeed, she’ll have to outsmart the immortal demon, piece together her thorny family tree, deal with a friend’s untimely return, and pass her driver’s test – all before she turns… SIXTEEN.

Sixteen (The Dreamwalker Diaries #2) by Jen Estes

Sixteen (The Dreamwalker Diaries #2)Remember the trials and traumas of being a teen? Think about being fifteen, for most of us, it is that big turning point for real independence and driving is only a year away, right? For Ash, being fifteen was most definitely a turning point in her life. As in taken at record breaking speeds. And Ashling stepped up to the plate and acted as all hell broke loose, but at what cost?

Six months later, she needs help. Ash needs to Dreamwalk again, she needs to do something about a future that cannot happen. But first she needs to find the mysterious entity that disappeared when her world became the thing nightmares are made of. And she is not alone. The Jumlin is big into second chances, too and he needs Ash, but for what? To aid in summoning the demons of Hell to the Earth plane? To put an end to the dreamwalker line she is part of?

One thing for sure, with Ash, one can be sure to expect the unexpected and to know someone or something is going down as she travels in her dreams to the future, and actually sees her future self. So maybe thirty isn’t so ancient after all. But should she be looking forward to make these risky changes? Even with a better grasp of her powers, could she also travel to another time? Is there something she is missing? Is she ready to discover hidden truths, ugly secrets and the convoluted timelines where past, present and future become as entangled as a ball of yarn in a kitten’s paws?

Jen Estes’s latest addition, SIXTEEN was worth the wait, because it is everything FIFTEEN was and MORE! More action, more discoveries, more daring, time travel, dream walking and oh my, the twists and the “didn’t see that one coming,” moments! Hang on for a ride into the world of the supernatural, the evil and one teen who has more steel in her spine than a skyscraper has in its structure.

Want a teen read without the angst? Still want a little teen rivalry? Want to watch demons be foiled again, just when they think they have the upper hand? Want fantastic reading that erases the lines between reality and fantasy? Jen Estes has brought her latest to the library table and it’s all in there, from start to finish!

I received this copy from Curiosity Quill in exchange for my honest review.

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