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The Beauty, The Hunter, and the Madman by Ava Williams Firespeaker Book 1-

The Beauty, The Hunter 
and the Madman
by Ava Williams

Series: The Firespeaker - Book 1
Publication Date: November 27, 2016
Publisher: Ava Williams
Genre: Steampunk | Fantasy
Print Length: 234 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Industrial Revolution is coming over the corner and magic users are fighting back as the steel overtakes their magic. With tensions already strained, Sirene, spunky Magik bounty hunter, is anxious to keep the peace so civil war doesn't break out in the streets. Even right before Christmas, the nation breathes quietly, watching. Waiting.

Sirene's biggest concern is balancing her romance life, her bounty hunter life, and buying a good present for her lover and partner, John. That is, of course, until she hears about Incorigo. The Beast of Johnston. The One-Armed Butcher. One of the greatest psychopaths in the last hundred years is back into town to kill the human prince and spark full-on war between magic users and the humans. Sirene must stop her lunatic brother with her reluctant lover and partner John at her side before it's too late- all with a touch of sarcasm and humor.

The Beauty, The Hunter and the Madman by Ava Williams
Firespeaker Book 1

Firespeaker Book 1- The Beauty, The Hunter, And the MadmanHistorical fiction meets paranormal fantasy in Ava Williams’s FIRESPEAKER BOOK 1 – THE BEAUTY, THE HUNTER AND THE MADMAN. Get ready to fall in love with feisty, quirky characters who fill each page with daring, attitude and even a touch of humor, sometimes. We have all learned about the Industrial Revolution through dry textbooks, but what if it was preceded by users of magik and the magik users were not too happy about being replaced in the world by the cold hardness of steel?

The era, the 1850’s, the time of year, just before Christmas and a twisted beast of a man, Incorigo is about to make Scrooge AND the Grinch look like fuzzy bunnies of love as he terrorizes the land in search of conquest and absolute power. Civil war is a clear threat and it may be up to Sirene, a fiery magik bounty hunter to bring the devastation Incorigo wroughts to an end and hopefully find peace on Earth, or at least in Johnston, once again. She may be too late, has Incorigo killed the human prince?

Along with her true love, John and a quirky band of ragtag friends, Sirene is a force to be reckoned with as she calls fire to do her bidding in her attempts to face off against the monster who was once her loving brother.

Fascinating world building creates the perfect backdrop for this tale of unlikely heroes who built trust among strangers and became fast friends as well as allies. In a world where magik users were once trusted, they are now feared, treachery is around every corner and danger hides deep in the woods.

Heroes will die, chaos will reign and time is running out to save the magik, the humans and the world. Is Sirene up to the challenge? Will she pay any price, including killing her own blood? Ava Williams has brought the wonder of fantasy back in all of its glory as she breathes life into her characters and gifts them with personality, loyalty and the belief that they will succeed. Wonderful story telling that transports us, body, mind and soul into Ms. Williams’s tale. I wasn’t ready to leave her world and cannot wait to go back! You know that feeling that you get when you find a true gem in the reading pile? Pretty much how I feel right now.

I received this copy from Ava Williams in exchange for my honest review.

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