Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tonya Coffey Presents PINK MOON Tour & Giveaway

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Book Title: Pink Moon
Author Name: Tonya Coffey
 Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance
  Blurb:  Cast from her home, Jessa struggles to find a place among the realms. With the loss of power, her premonitions are vague and tormenting. However with Micha at her side, she has hope for the future. Micha has found his stride as the Ancient King. Nevertheless, the Shadows refuse to allow a Faerie sit on the Ancients' throne, keeping them apart. Instead of fighting against he Shadows, he focuses his rage on the one who stole Jessa's powers, a hidden heir herself. When he thinks he has everything under control, he is pulled into a dire situation that will force Jessa's hand. Accepting what needs to be done, Jessa takes a risk to save Micha - a choice that may be her last.
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Author Bio: tonya-coffey Tonya grew up in a small town in Kentucky where she lives with her husband and two teen boys. Together, they motivate her to be the best at whatever she faces. If she isn't writing or reading a fantasy novel with lots of action, you will find her sitting in front of a canvas, painting the landscape which is so abundant around her home. Visit her at:
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  1. Thank you for sharing Pink Moon with your readers!