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Columbus Avenue Boys by David Carraturo

Columbus Avenue Boys
by David Carraturo

Publisher: iUniverse (April 17, 2012)
Publication Date: April 17, 2012
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 260 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Salvatore Esposito, Anthony Albanese, and Christopher Cameron—the Columbus Avenue Boys—are somewhat related, as they share lineage back to before the turn of century. Having grown up together in a small community north of New York City, each became successful in his own right. Chris moved to Dallas to be a portfolio manager with a financial firm while Sal and Tony earn their living the hard way—by being enforcers and major earners for the mob.

Tony’s grandfather, Pops Scala, tells them a horrific secret from the Scalamarri Family past: twelve members of their family were massacred at the hands of Bugsy Siegel and his ruthless gang from Murder Inc. in 1935. Pops was the sole witness and lone survivor, and he was more than happy to pull the trigger and end Bugsy’s murderous life.

Now fifty years later, Pops convinces the Columbus Avenue Boys they must leave the underworld life for good. Since one cannot just give two weeks’ notice to the Gambino crime family, the three blood brothers devise a plan to infiltrate the inner workings of the Mafia in the 1990s to avenge the massacre in their family tree.

Columbus Avenue Boys chronicles the Scalamarri family tree throughout the twentieth century and presents a historical perspective of the life and struggles of an Italian immigrant family as well as that of America’s organized crime.

  Columbus Avenue Boys by David Carraturo 

Columbus Avenue BoysWant to feel like you are getting the down and dirty on the lives of those effected by the mafia/ those whose families have ties and history? David Carraturo’s COLUMBUS AVENUE BOYS is the story of three lifelong friends, closer than true brothers who discover a long hidden secret within the mob that directly relates to their own families. In true mob fashion, Chris, Tony and Sal , young as they are, are determined to seek revenge for the devastation wrought by the Mafia decades in the past. But first they must get to the black heart of the mafia in the late twentieth century and get out alive.

The fever of vengeance will bring Chris home from his successful career in Dallas, as Tony and Sal, now muscle for the mob plan the ultimate takedown and give one old man the opportunity to silence the hosts of the past he alone survived. This is their story, their history and their present as the Columbus Avenue Boys wage their own personal vendetta.

Follow through time, from past to present and back again as David Carratura recounts the heinous massacre and the years of deceit in between. Feel as if you can see these characters come to life, as mobsters from long ago lay through your mind like an old back and white film of the brutality and mentality of the mob. Is there truly family loyalty or can it be bought by the highest bidder? Is blood thicken than the champagne of wealth and power? Is it possible for three young me to shred the foundation of an age-old organization based on coercion, power and control?

Yes, the mob is central to this tale, yes, there is violence, but there is also friendship and love for family that runs as soul deep as the need to protect. Follow the dark twists and unexpected turns as David Carraturo brings hidden worlds to life on each page of this gripping and edgy novel. Learn just how far three blood brothers will go in the name of honor.

I received this copy from David Carraturo in exchange for my honest review.

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