Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Release Day! HOOK, LINE & SINKER by Ev Bishop

Hook, Line & Sinker

By Ev Bishop
River's Sigh B&B - Book 4
Publication Date - February 14, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 203 pages
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Brian Archer, lawyer and infamous playboy, returns to Greenridge after a long holiday to find his life in ashes. Literally. His condo has burned to the ground, and with it, his delusion that he’s a footloose, fancy-free guy who doesn’t secretly crave a home and a place to belong.

Staying with his lovebird brother and sister-in-law at River’s Sigh B & B proves unbearable, only rubbing in his deep loneliness. As does getting to know one of the other guests, a damsel determined to get herself out of distress, without any help from him. What is it about sweet, troubled Katelyn that makes Brian want to go all knight-in-shining-armor? And why is he suddenly longing for things he doesn’t even believe in, like true love, marriage . . . ?

Single mom and wannabe entrepreneur Katelyn Kellerman needs to escape from Greenridge. Her safety, and that of her children, relies on it. Plus, she knows the hazards of trusting someone all too well. So why, after meeting Brian Archer, does she wish she could just stay put and build a home? With him.

No matter how they fight their feelings, Brian and Katelyn fall for each other hook, line and sinker—but life isn’t a fairy tale. Brian can’t live in limbo forever, Katelyn’s ex is increasingly threatening, and she needs to secure a future for her and her kids. Can they beat the odds, salvage the ashes of their pasts, and risk everything for love, or are they just fishing for trouble?

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 I’m Ev Bishop, a writer who lives, plays and dreams in wildly gorgeous Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.
A long time columnist with The Terrace Standard, my other non-fiction work appears in a variety of regional and international publications. I have a growing list of published short fiction, plus four novels and three novellas under my belt (Bigger Things, Wedding Bands, Hooked, Spoons, and One to Keep). I hope you’ll check them out! I also write and publish under the pen name Toni Sheridan.
Alongside my creative and business writing, I used to offer a full line of editing services (specializing in substantive edits, a.k.a. storyline editing), but I’m sorry to say I NO LONGER do. If you need an editor, however, do contact me. I’m happy to refer you to someone great.
I am still doing workshops for writers of all ages and ilk, and I’m happy to sit on panels (or lead classes) at writing conferences or small business events. Please e-mail me at ev_bishop(AT SIGN)yahoo(DOT)com if you want more details about my experience, would like a list of topics I’m prepared to talk about, or have any other questions at all.
When I’m not reading or writing, I’m visiting with my growing family, or I’m outside, usually at the lake or in some garden somewhere. . . .
Happy writing and reading to you, and please do make contact. I love to meet new people
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