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The General's Legacy - Part Two: Whiteland King (The General of Valendo #2) by Adrian G. Hilder

The General's Legacy - Part Two: 
Whiteland King
by Adrian G. Hilder

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The General of Valendo - Book 2
Publisher: Camdaw Ltd (February 28, 2017)
Publication Date: February 28, 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 399 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Dendra Castle is under siege by an army that never sleeps and time is running out.
Prince Cory resolves to lead a black operation right to King Klonag’s throne to do what was forbidden for his grandfather - end the reign of the Whiteland King.
To conquer a Kingdom, Cory leads just thirty Special Operators, the Silver Warrior, the Archmage of Valendo and his daughter with questionable battle magic ability and the Scout Commander who is rarely in sight.
Is it a desperate fool's quest? Or has Zeivite truly come up with a plan to defeat Magnar and the 'dead mage' with his limitless magic?
Even Cory does not know.

One way or another, the decades-long war between Valendo and Nearhon must end. Klonag has more pieces to move in this game of war, and Princess Julia is one them. And if she does not cooperate? There are worse fates than death when dealing with Klonag and Magnar, and more than one way to ensure her… unfailing obedience.

The General’s Legacy – Part Two: Whiteland King is the second book in The General of Valendo series that concludes the enthralling story of The General’s Legacy. The stakes escalate, revelations come, and even the souls of the ancestors gather over the Whitelands to witness the epic conclusion that is sure to thrill.

If you want your fantasy action-packed, laced with mystery and running at a pace that refuses to let you put it down - The General’s Legacy delivers.

  The General's Legacy - Part Two: Whiteland King 
(The General of Valendo #2)
by Adrian G. Hilder

The General's Legacy - Part Two: Whiteland King (The General of Valendo #2)The dead army is on the march and their goal is the total destruction of Dendra Castle and the souls who live there. How does one kill the dead? The stench of black magic and necromancy fills the air as Prince Cory must decide his next option. Is he prepared to take the battle to the enemy?

Can his heart bear the deaths of his warriors and friends? Does he even have what it takes to take a life? Julia has been taken and now she is the captive of King Klonag and Cory has no choice but to bring the monster and his battle mages down at any cost, knowing he must end the reign of the Whiteland King.

In chaotic and bloody battles, Cory and his men will face their own death and possible violation of their souls by the dead mage, Pragius. But loyalty to the young prince, the power and honor of Zeivite, Valendo’s own mage may prove enough to put an end to the evil that is terrifying and destroying the lands. One secret remains, why Cory’s Grandfather forbade attempting to conquer Klonag will be revealed in all of its dark glory, but Cory is determined not to stop until he has earned the right to be called General and to where the crown of the King.

Adrian G. Hilder’s THE GENERAL’S LEGACY – PART TWO: WHITELAND KING is the coming of age for a young man never tested in battle as his world falls down around him and he must learn to fight back with all he can muster to save his land, his people, his family honor and the woman he loves. Intense scenes that overflow with emotional turmoil, black magic that appears unbeatable and the power of good over evil all come together in this conclusion of The General’s Legacy tale.

Adrian G. Hilder has stepped up and brought his “A” Game to this tale. If you have any doubt about trying an epic fantasy, trust me, Adrian G. Hilder’s style is not too dark, not too twisted, but most definitely entertaining and magical reading.

I received an ARC edition from Adrian G. Hilder in exchange for my honest review.

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