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Hitting That Sweet Spot by Lara Ward Cosio (Rogue Series Book 3)

Hitting That Sweet Spot 
by Lara Ward Cosio

Series: Rogue - Book 3
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Publisher: Lara Ward Cosio
Genre: N/A Multicultural Romance
Print Length: 306 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Shay Donnelly has always been the support player. Whether it’s taking care of his irresponsible brother or being the drummer in his band, he’s always there for others—even at the expense of his own wants and needs.

Jessica Hall only ever wanted to dance. Dancing was the one place where she felt at ease, where she belonged. After being told she wasn’t quite good enough, however, she set her sights on a more mundane career. Just when she thought her life’s plan was made, the drummer for the biggest rock band in the world upended it.

Together, Shay and Jessica found a sweet spot of happiness. But when Shay’s split allegiance costs him the love of his life, he ends up at a breaking point. It’s the point at which he must finally find his own life’s rhythm.

With the help of his band mates - who struggle with their own relationship issues - Shay embarks on a journey to discover where he went wrong and how he can he can win back the love of his life. 

Hitting That Sweet Spot by Lara Ward Cosio
(Rogue Series Book 3)
Hitting That Sweet SpotJust another Rock Star Romance? Not hardly, Lara Ward Cosio’s HITTING THAT SWEET SPOT isn’t about the glamor of being the girl on the arm of a rock star, it’s about the human side of love, emotions and learning to both give and take in the right measures. Two talented artists, one a drummer in one of the hottest bands going and the other who dances for the beauty of it, for how she feels complete.

Shay is shy, not the hottest in the band, but face it, the drummer can make or break a band and Shay has rhythm, he has the stamina to stay the course, giving his all to his family and friends. For Shay, “Nice Guys Finish Last,” until Jessica came into his life, clueless as to who he was, not into his music, but definitely attracted to the sweet and generous guy Shay is. But should they even start a true romance when an ocean separates them? Does Shay realize how important Jessica’s dance is to her or does he forget that she may not want to give up her life to cross an ocean into the world he calls his? Is he choking the part of Jessica that her who she is, the girl he fell in love with? Is she smart enough to know what she wants and needs in her life, besides Shay? Why should Jessica play second or third fiddle to Shay’s drug addict brother and the boys in the band?

Will they finally learn the two-part harmony that makes them so special or will fear of failure and trusting become a barrier when Jessica runs for her life, the life she needs? Love means giving as well as taking…

Lara Ward Cosio has nailed another down-to-earth romance that foregoes the glitz and glamour of being a star and instead focuses on the important things in life that can be shared between two people in love when the curtain falls and reality takes work. I absolutely loved these characters neither are high-maintenance divas, yet each has the soul of an artist and a heart longing to be accepted unconditionally.

I received this copy from Lara ward Cosio in exchange for my honest review, and honestly, I loved this romance.

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