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Wild & Sweet (Haven Brotherhood #2) by Rhenna Morgan

Wild & Sweet
by Rhenna Morgan

Publisher: Carina Press (April 1, 2017)
Publication Date: April 10, 2017
ISBN-10: 133566131X
ISBN-13: 978-1335661319
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Suspense
Page Count: 432 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Zeke Dugan is not a man who walks the straight and narrow. He may have sworn an oath as a trauma doc, but he has zero problem leveraging his medical skills outside a hospital if it means giving the Brotherhood—the group of men he calls family—an advantage. Blood before business. All that changes when shy Gabrielle stumbles into his life and ignites his protective instincts.

Mechanic Gabrielle Parker prefers the complexities of an engine over men. Her life wasn't always quiet and well-ordered, but now that it is, she finds peace in the solitude. When a robbery in her neighborhood forces her out of her safe bubble, she never fathoms that a dangerous, cocky trauma doctor will fix more than her injuries.

Zeke doesn't play by the rules that Gabrielle follows but knows that he's exactly what she needs in her life. He'll show her the fierce and uncompromising protection that comes from belonging to a man like him.

When tension outside the Brotherhood threatens Gabrielle, Zeke will do anything to keep her safe, and damn the consequences. No one will hurt his woman, even if it means putting the very men who saved his life at risk.  

 Wild & Sweet (Haven Brotherhood #2) by Rhenna Morgan

Wild & Sweet (The Haven Brotherhood, #2)The Haven Brotherhood, a group who knows what a tough life can be, family by choice, always having each others backs and willing to obliterate the rules to do the right thing. Rhenna Morgan is back with WILD AND SWEET the perfect title as another of the brothers finds what he wants and is willing to go through anything to hang on tight.

He’s a trauma doctor by calling, but he is a Brother by choice. Zeke is a healer, but when he meets the severely introverted Gabrielle and discovers the timid, tender and broken side of her, he will destroy anyone or anything that threatens her. Now all he has to do is prove he is the real deal, a man she can trust not to hurt her, a man who will be there through thick and thin. It won’t be easy, Gabrielle has been hurt in the past, left behind, betrayed and is convinced it must be her fault, yet standing in front of her is a man who sees all that is beautiful about her. Is it a dream? Is he blind to the truth as she sees it?

Gabe is more comfortable under the hood of a car than in the presence of people. She is a recluse who hides away within the safety of her home, but is her last sanctuary from the world becoming a battle field for danger? An unknown enemy is terrorizing the picture perfect neighborhood she lives in and Gabe is determined to find a way to fight back as neighbors are threatened, their homes vandalized. Zeke is just as determined to keep her safe and the Haven Brotherhood is at his side. Will this alpha man who is always in hyper-drive be able to convince Gabe the world will be a better place with her in his protective arms? Will it take the ultimate sacrifice to prove his love is just for her?

I can honestly say I have NEVER met a doctor quite like Zeke, the ultimate alpha with a heart and a great bedside manner! He goes above and beyond to give Gabe what she needs and to help her re-join the human race, and the Brotherhood is right by his side. A group of bad boys with soft and gooey insides.

Grab the smelling salts because this steamy, yet sweet romance WILL make you swoon as the doctor prescribes just the right touch to ignite the passion that is buried deep within Gabrielle. Rhenna Morgan’s bad boys are NOT knuckle draggers, they are brilliant, successful men who have made it in spite of their backgrounds and the pheromones are running hot! Great reading, great characters, tense action and romance, so what are you waiting for?

I received an ARC edition from Carina Press in exchange for my honest and voluntary review. (Yeah, like I'd say no to awesome reading!)


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