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Crazy in Love by Annabelle Costa

Crazy in Love
by Annabelle Costa

Publisher: Rose Bud Press (March 31, 2017)
Publication Date: March 31, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 243 pages
Available from: Amazon
They call her Crazy Anna.

Anna Flint won’t shake your hand. She collects tin cans. She cleans her cubicle at work with Lysol several times a day. But Anna doesn’t care that they call her crazy. She’s absolutely satisfied with her life of perfect organization, cleanliness, and most of all, solitude.

Matt Harper likes Anna Flint. He likes that she’s the smartest person he knows and he likes her big blue eyes. He doesn’t even mind her can collection. In fact, he pretty much likes everything about Anna. As his body and his world are falling apart, she still manages to make him happy.

Matt is the only person Anna has ever wanted to be close to. But how can she go on a date with him if the thought of dinner at a restaurant fills her with terror? How can she ever kiss the man she loves if she can't even touch him?

Maybe it’s time to stop being Crazy Anna. If only she could.

 Crazy in Love by Annabelle Costa

Crazy in LoveDon’t worry, be happy, embrace your flaws, you will never be perfect, but to that special someone out there, your imperfections will be perfect to them! Oh, and maybe we should mention that no man or woman is an island, even if Anna thinks she is…Sit back and watch the fun begin as two geeks, each with their own quirks discover love in its most perfect form! Annabelle Costa knows humor, heart and humanity with all of its warts and she turns it into the delightful CRAZY IN LOVE!

Crazy Anna is a germaphobe, a can collector, has some quirky OCD habits and has suffered the taunts and teasing of those around her for years, including in the workplace. She wants desperately to be normal around Matt, but is it possible to change a lifetime of habits for love?

Matt has no problems with Anna’s quirks, he loves her intelligence, her dedication to her job and hey, the heart knows what the heart wants. It isn’t like he’s perfect, he has a few physical issues he would prefer not to address publicly. Can Matt be her knight in shining armor who will shield her from the world she fears or will he be the hero who saves her from herself? could it be that they were meant to save each other?

Fall into their hearts and minds as Ms. Costa gives Anna and Matt each a chance to tell their side of the story with both charm and honest emotion. Be prepared to laugh, feel their pain and realize that everyone has a flaw or two. Wonderfully written in a world that comes to life through its characters, from start to finish, this warm, fabulous read will hold both your heart and mind captive every step of the way. Another hidden gem for the top of my ever-growing favorites pile!

I received this copy from Annabelle Costa in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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