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The Danger With Love by Amanda Siegrist

The Danger With Love
by Amanda Siegrist

Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 158 pages
Available from: Amazon
A beautiful wedding. An exquisite dress. A night to remember. If only she were the bride. Sarafina just wants her fairytale ending like all her friends, but she seems doomed to always be the bridesmaid. Until she runs into him—the groomsman walking her down the aisle. She might be attracted to him, but he screams nothing but trouble.

Special Agent Dax Delcroy never wanted this assignment. Being old college roommates with the groom meant the case was his anyway. Get in and get out. Get the information to take down the bride’s father, the most ruthless mobster in the city. It should all be so easy. Except nothing is easy the minute he meets her.

 The Danger With Love by Amanda Siegrist

The Danger With LoveAlways a bridesmaid, never the bride…Sarafina would never begrudge her friends their wedded bliss, but she longs for her own Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. After all, there must be a man who wants to pledge his life to her for eternity, right? And that is when Sarafina met the groomsman who would escort her down the aisle at her best friend’s wedding and "jeepers," he was hot, charming and, to be honest, hiding a very big secret.

Dax, a Special Agent working undercover, is a man on a mission to uncover the illegal activities of a powerful crime boss, who just happens to be the father of the bride, who just happens to be Sarafina’s best friend. Yep, and, as they say, the plot thickens as Dax and Sarafina cannot help but feel that spark of electricity that accompanies love at first sight.

Must Dax finish his mission and just walk away, a little broken as he leaves his heart behind? There is no way the beautiful, sweet and innocent Sarafina will forgive his deceit. But until then, they can’t get enough of each other… for now.

Amanda Siegrist wastes no time with dark and heavy action, although she DOES add just enough suspense to make this sweet and sometimes quirky romance just a little edgy at times. Not to worry warm and fuzzy romance lovers, the romance sparkles and glitters enough to shine through! THE DANGER WITH LOVE is a quick and sassy romance that will make you smile, even as you wait on pins and needles to see how Dax digs himself out of the big trouble he is in with both the bad guys and Sarafina, the woman who owns his heart.

I loved this couple! Sarafina is a charmer, quirky, human, and loyal to a fault! Dax? He is perfect for Sarafina and probably too nice to be an FBI agent! A quick read that will leave you smiling, give you a couple of chuckles and even satisfy one’s need for suspense! Read it! You’ll like it!

I received an ARC edition from Amanda Siegrist in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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