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The Tower Below by J.R. Roper (The Morus Chronicles, #3)

The Tower Below
by J.R. Roper

Series: The Morus Chronicles - Book 3
Publisher: CHBB Publishing (December 1, 2016)
Publication Date: December 1, 2016
Genre: Middlegrade Fantasy
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Now a trained treasure hunter, Ethan Morus finds himself and his closest companions on the run. The Dark. The Light. Even the police are hunting for him. The loss of the spirit of steel proved what most believed all along, that a trained treasure hunter is more dangerous than the Dark itself. To set the world right again, Ethan must find an artifact so powerful, the details remain secret to even the highest ranking wizards and alvar.

As Ethan’s enemies grow in power, the world continues to darken. He knows he must locate the ancient artifact, but fears the impact of its terrible power in the wrong hands. Will the temptation be too much for his most trusted allies to resist? Join Ethan on his most dangerous adventure yet, and stay by his side as the Dark spreads terror and despair. Can the fading Light beat back the darkness? Or is all hope lost?

 The Tower Below by J.R. Roper (The Morus Chronicles, #3)

The Tower Below (The Morus Chronicles Book 3)Ethan’s visit to his grandparents just keeps getting more and more intense as his world has been turned upside down and inside out as he becomes a trained treasure hunter and now everyone is after him! Is he as dangerous as is believed? His mission now, besides staying alive and uncaptured is to find the world’s most powerful artifact, an artifact that holds more secrets than even the most powerful beings know of. The race is on to keep it from the hands of the Dark, but can this object tempt even the most honorable of allies? The power of the Dark is growing and the world is at its mercy as Ethan races against all odds to set things right. Talk about pressure! Talk about having the weight of the world on his young shoulders? Is Ethan up for the task?

Hang on tight as J.R. Roper puts Ethan under the gun again in THE TOWER BELOW, a middlegrade fantasy adventure that will thrill readers of ALL ages! As with the previous books in this series, J.R. Roper gives us his all and brings Ethan to life, a little older, a little wiser and in a lot more trouble!

Fall into this tale, feel the tension, the determination and the clash of forces beyond our knowing as we ride the roller coaster of magic and mayhem along with Ethan and his friends. Watch Ethan come of age, learn the magic of travel through portals and feel part of the group as they banter back and forth and give each other strength or a stern talking to if needed. Get ready to grab the edge of your seat, to help seek the answers Ethan needs, just don’t forget he can’t hear you!

This is the kind of creative reading children (and adults) need to flex their own imaginations! Start to finish, this entire series is a keeper!

I received this copy from J. R. Roper in exchange for my honest review.

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