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Francesco Augustine Bernadone: A Brief History of Our Tomorrows by Stan Faryna (Love and Fear: The Future is Bucharest Book 1)

Francesco Augustine Bernadone
A Brief History of Our Tomorrows 
by Stan Faryna

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Love and Fear: The Future is Bucharest - Book 1
Publication Date: May 15, 2017
Publisher: Stan Faryna
Genre: Scifi | Fantasy
Print Length: 57 pages
Available from: Amazon

In 2026, hundreds of millions of gamers hustle in an epic, virtual reality to win real cash prizes. Zombies, ruthless players, scarce resources and menacing artificial intelligence are just a few of the challenges in ‘Jacob's Trouble’, where less than one in a thousand manage to level up, grind for gear and avoid permadeath in order to loot hidden treasures and find life-changing wealth.

Recently unemployed, Francesco sells his father's legacy, a Rolex watch, for guidance in the game. Caught up in the naive hope he’ll win the prize money for an experimental, nanobotic cancer treatment for his wife, the ex-janitor begins an adventure that offers all the promise of redemption, but far greater challenges than he ever realized.

Can Francesco, an eighty-year-old non-gamer, find windfall and fortune in this dark and dystopic virtual reality game? Zombies, guns, machetes and death in a game might seem inconsequential, but the cost of failure is a reality this elderly man can not bear.
Recommended reading for trips to the beach or park, coffee shop stalking, lunch hours, lazy afternoons, white nights, and public transit such as planes, trains, buses and ferry. It also makes an excellent gift for those who do those things.

This story may be most appreciated by those who enjoy works by the following authors: Ernest Cline, John Wesley Rawles, Paulo Coehlo, Gabriel García Márquez, Frank Herbert, Le Guin, P.K. Dick, Derek Prince, G.K. Chesterton, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Gabriel Honoré Marcel, Robert Hugh Benson, Kierkegaard, Steinbeck, Solovyov, Zora Neale Hurston, Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dante, Aquinas, Augustine, and Homer.


Disclaimer: Author is not responsible for any kind of life-changing or supernatural events that may follow upon the reading of this story.

My Review
 Francesco Augustine Bernadone: A Brief History of Our Tomorrows
by Stan Faryna

Francesco Augustine Bernadone: A Brief History of Our Tomorrows (Love and Fear: The Future is Bucharest Book 1)Gamers, is this your reality? How you see the world after hours of online gaming that blurs reality and fantasy? Or is it the virtual reality of the future? In a not too distant future, gamers globally compete for real cash prizes. In a game to beat all games, the odds of winning are approximately one in one thousand and the stakes are high a virtual world that could be life-changing for a real person. For Francesco, forced into retirement as a janitor, a non-gamer, and in desperate need of a miracle and a lot of money, could this be the money he needs to save his wife’s life?

Welcome to dystopia at its most chaotic as Stan Faryna opens a portal into a world to be appreciated by dedicated gamers and those of us who have no idea how chaotic or realistic this world can be. Fast, furious and kind of quirky, enter at your own risk, because it’s game on and the stakes are high. I’m calling this a very quick read that left my head spinning as one elderly man seeks to change his life in a virtual world where death is only a few wrong moves or clicks away.

Need something to jumps start your adrenaline…that has you virtually shaking your head asking if one scene really happened? All it takes is a one-click and you can escape into the world of 0s & 1s, but make sure to leave bread crumbs to find your way out, just in case you get lost between the virtual and the reality!

I received this copy from Stan Faryna in exchange for my honest review.