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Kiss Me- A Sage McGuire Romance by Sharon Kleve

Kiss Me- A Sage McGuire Romance
by Sharon Kleve

Series: Sage McGuire Romance - Book 2
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Publisher: Sharon Kleve
Genre: Very funny Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 186 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Quirky, Private Investigator, Sage McGuire is up to her ears in trouble again in KISS ME.

Sage has left the security of her old job, as an executive assistant to a moron, and jumped feet-first into opening McGuire Investigations. If only her boyfriend, Sergeant Carter Morgan’s big gun and cop's intuition could save Sage from being grazed by a bullet to the temple, and another trip to the emergency room when she steals back her best friend’s uncle’s pooch, Mimi, from a psychotic loan shark in her very first case.

Carter's scary and conniving ex-girlfriend, FBI Special Agent Mia Williams, is back in town and full of trouble. Mia is determined to rekindle her relationship with Carter and she is used to getting what she wants—no matter what the cost.

Will Sage and Carter succeed in keeping each other out of trouble while falling head-over-heels in love?

Stay tuned for another crazy roller-coaster ride in LOVE ME – A Sage McGuire Romance.

 Kiss Me- A Sage McGuire Romance by Sharon Kleve

Kiss Me- A Sage McGuire RomanceOh no, Sharon Kleve and Sage McGuire did NOT just have me laughing out loud through at least 80% of this book! Oh wait, yes they did! Sage is back and she has traded her job as the chief babysitter to her new boss in for her dream job, a Private Investigator. Sage is her own boss, and the calls are rolling in, probably because she has covered the seniors in the area with her flyers.

All her policeman boyfriend, Carter can do is prepare to help with damage control, either with advice, warnings or another quick trip to the hospital or two. Oh, and just love her, sweetly and thoroughly.

This time out, Sage has me almost in tears laughing at her antics as she bravely takes on a mafia loan shark in the case of the collateral pooch dog napping. Her first case, successful, profitable and closed. Then there is the incident at the cupcake shop where her precious Mini Cooper became a Micro-Cooper and she discovers there is a reason that traffic is heavy at the confectionery delight’s shop.

When Carter’s FBI agent ex rolls into town, things are not quite as funny as the claws come out and Sage must resort to P.I. approved methods to prove this woman is one cupcake short of a dozen. And yet, I laughed, because Sage has a take on life that is priceless!
KISS ME by Sharon Kleve is one more quirky tale of adventure and romance that flies by at lightning speed and a built-in mental laugh track in my mind as once again, against all odds, Sage proves she is more than an eating machine with a reserved room in the ER.

Having a bad day? Read it. Cold and dreary outside? Read it. Have a dental appointment you are not looking forward to? Read it. Guaranteed Sunshine on a cloudy day!

I received this copy from Sharon Kleve in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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