Friday, August 11, 2017

Ashes by Amanda Pillar

Venom & Vampires
A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

by Amanda Pillarand Many More Talented Authors

Ashes by Amanda Pillar

It’s been half a century since three unique children were forced from their wolfpack, running for their lives from the brutal hatred being different rained down on them.

Ari and her albino brothers were the children of a werewolf mother and a royal Vampire father. They were abominations, misfits unacceptable to either the vamps or the weres. Now hiding out with the father she never knew, Ari is a one-of-a-kind being, half vampire and half werewolf, hiding her furrier side, the side she cannot control from popping out under times of great stress.
Sebastian, an alpha without a pack is called upon to assist Ari in learning to shift again. What reason would her vampire father, the Duke of Ashes have for wanting her to expose herself or was it a way to help protect her? Ari loathes Sebastian, after all, it was his fault her mother and one brother were killed, or was it?

All they know now is that they were meant to be together, two alphas, one a fierce were, one a hybrid who could snap him in two…are they headed for a world of prejudice and hatred or can they become the key to the change the world needed? First they need to survive spies and assassins sent to kill “the hybrid."

ASHES by Amanda Pillar is a tale of loss, healing and new beginnings. It is a love story that had to be told! Once again, Ms. Pillar brings gifted/graced paranormal beings to life and uncovers one more piece of the puzzle about those who were different, those who were Graced. With Amanda Pillar’s storytelling skills, it is easy to become part of the story, and leave reality behind. Are you a person who looks at a person’s windows to their soul? The story of these magical beings who are known, feared, loved and hated by the color of their eyes will make for fascinating reading!

I received a review copy of ASHES from Amanda Pillar

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