Thursday, September 7, 2017

Androcide by Erec Stebbins (Intel 1, #5)

by Erec Stebbins

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Intel 1 - Book 5
Publisher: Twice Pi Press (September 26, 2017)
Publication Date: September 26, 2017
Genre: Medical/Scifi Thriller
Print Length: 333 pages
Available from: Amazon
Gender has never been so deadly. Investigators in New York City link a series of gruesome murders to the Eunuch Maker, a serial killer targeting men. Piecing together the clues, they enter into a cat-and-mouse game of survival with stakes that escalate beyond what anyone could have imagined. Book 5 of the INTEL 1 thrillers.

 Androcide by Erec Stebbins (Intel 1, #5)

Androcide (INTEL 1 #5)Their mutilated bodies were left on display. Were they a warning? A statement of revenge? Or were they just the tip of the iceberg or something far bigger than the streets of New York? A serial killer is running loose and they are making a statement. Who is “Gone?” What does she know about these killings? Does she have inside information? The Eunich Maker is leaving a bloody path of death on display and law enforcement needs all the help they can get, will they heed Gone’s words?

Meanwhile, on the international front, Nemesis is lurking in her lair in Tehran and it may take the lives of several CIA and black ops assets to bring her in. The problem? She is hiding out beneath a national monument in enemy territory and the underground labyrinth is an extensive death trap. Is it true she controls the Iranian government from behind the scenes? The solution? Unknown. INTEL 1 is on its own, and playing by the rules is a myth.

Erec Stebbins is back with another chilling addition to his INTEL 1 series, ANDROCIDE and this time out just locking the doors at night may not feel like enough, because “Stranger Danger” has never been more deadly. Bold, edgy and intense from start to finish, Erec Stebbins relies on both his creative writing and his studies to offer up razor sharp reading for those of us who find the edge of our seat reading to be both fascinating and magnetic.

I am a huge fan of Erec Stebbins' style, his gritty presentation and the labyrinth of questions and clues he judiciously peppers his tales with. Building two plotlines that run simultaneously, as they race to the finish, the heat is ratcheted up enormously and there is no putting this tale down!

I received an ARC edition from Erec Stebbins and he has done it, again!

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