Saturday, September 30, 2017

Uncanny by Sarah Fine

by Sarah Fine

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Skyscape (October 3, 2017)
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Genre: YA | Bullying | Scifi
Print Length: 316 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Two sisters. One death. No memories.

Cora should remember every detail about the night her stepsister, Hannah, fell down a flight of stairs to her death, especially since her Cerepin—a sophisticated brain-computer interface—may have recorded each horrifying moment. But when she awakens after that night, her memories gone, Cora is left with only questions—and dread of what the answers might mean.

When a downward spiral of self-destruction forces Cora to work with an AI counselor, she finds an unexpected ally, even as others around her grow increasingly convinced that Hannah’s death was no accident. As Cora’s dark past swirls chaotically with the versions of Hannah’s life and death that her family and friends want to believe, Cora discovers the disturbing depths of what some people may do—including herself.

With her very sanity in question, Cora is forced to face her greatest fear. She will live or die by what she discovers.

Uncanny by Sarah Fine

UncannyImagine living in an age where your every movement is recorded, where artificial intelligence can be used to help or hinder, where humanity seems to be drifting into some kind of great abyss because a sophisticated computer interface holds all truths.

Cora awoke to a blank in her memory and those missing moments happened the night her stepsister died. Was Cora responsible as many thought? Was she the awful daughter/stepdaughter that her parents believed? Was she the troubled one or was she the silent victim of something dark and brutally cruel? Who would believe her, anyway? Hannah was always the perfect one, the caring one, or so it seemed…Now, an AI counselor would attempt to uncover what lay hidden in Cora’s mind and on her computer interface, but who is he working for and what is he really supposed to reveal?

UNCANNY by Sarah Fine is a gritty, terrifying and emotionally dark tale of a cold society that has stopped feeling compassion, or empathy or even being truly supportive because computers will tell all, absolving even a parent from real responsibility. Cora has been a victim of cleverly hidden bullying and her stepsister’s death was merely one more nail in the coffin of her self-esteem and self-doubt. As the mystery unfolds, Cora has little support and even the “help” she needs comes from a machine. As repulsive as it is compelling, this tale of a future world is as raw as it is telling, a flawed child is in crisis and the lines of right and wrong are smeared with 1’s and 0’s. A read that defies being ignored or forgotten.

I received an ARC edition from Skyscape in exchange for my honest review.


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