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Witch's Mystic Woods by Marsha A. Moore (Coon Hollow Coven #4)

Witch's Mystic Woods
by Marsha A. Moore

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Coon Hollow Coven Tales - Book 4
Publication Date: August 25, 2017
Publisher: Marsha A. Moore
Genre: Paranormal
Print Length: 239 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Lockwood witches are the only tree mystics known to the Midwest, and soon Larena will be the last. Their heritage is crumbling—but not if Larena can save it.

With loving care, Larena helps her mother Irene face the final journey of severe dementia. Corporate vultures, envisioning a mall project, are circling to take the Lockwood land and antique store by eminent domain upon Irene’s death. Their success will lay claim to the souls of Larena’s deceased father and grandfather, both tied for all eternity to the family’s land.

Using rare, inherited magical skills, Larena communicates with trees and crafts their wood into enchanted furniture, which bring blessings to future owners. An unscrupulous witch, working with the corporation for a share of the profits, sabotages Larena’s mysticism to curtail her livelihood. One charming vulture, Reid Peterson, preys upon her heart. Armed with only grit and attitude, Larena fights to stand her ground.

Local seers and fae alike foresee a shift with the concurrence of Winter Solstice and the coming new moon. Otherworld energies will then become available to an unnamed person in desperate need. Larena must be that person—or her heart, home, and heritage will be wrenched away.

Witch's Mystic Woods by Marsha A.Moore
(Coon Hollow Coven #4)

Witch's Mystic Woods (Coon Hollow Coven Tales, #4)In a town steeped in magic, and an era from the past, Larena is special among the town of witches and warlocks for more than her kind heart. She is a tree mystic and her gift allows her to imbue wood with her enchantments. But when a bitter and much weaker witch finds the lure of money and power too much, Larena’s livelihood is threatened and she finds one more brick added to the burdens she already carries.

As the sole caregiver for her failing mother, it is all Larena can do to get up and carry on each morning, and now that the town is considering taking her store away from her, what will she have? Will she become another victim of corporate greed as well as the victim of the evil machinations of one of her own kind? To lose the land means to lose the souls of her ancestors and this cannot happen just when she is losing her mother to the horrors of dementia, her reputation to dark magic and the only life she has ever known.

Not a tale filled with over-the-top violence, but certainly an emotional tale of the trials of life, deceit and conniving of both a cold corporation and a truly wicked witch. Marsha A. Moore creates a tale of magic wrapped in the reality of circumstances beyond Larena’s control. WITCH’S MYSTIC WOODS is both a heartwarming and heart-wrenching tale of love, family and the delicate balance between honor, duty and protecting one’s heritage against all odds when fighting dirty would seem to level the playing field.

Stepping into Coon Hollow is like stepping back in time, with the rich details of both a special town and its inhabitants as we learn that even a corporation is made up of people with their own set of problems. A quiet read to savor, Ms. Moore has created her own form of magic with her words!

I received this copy from Marsha A. Moore!


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