Saturday, October 7, 2017

Entwined by Andi Bremner (Elemental, #1)

by Andi Bremner

My Rating: 2.75 Stars
Genre: Younger YA Fantasy 
Publisher: Evernight Teen (September 20, 2017) 
Publication Date: September 20, 2017
Print Length: 251 pages
Available from: Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Scouring the Earth for the last two hundred years, Nate has been searching for the half-fairy girl he's been sent to kill. After following clue after clue, he finally locates her in the quiet coastal town of Holyoake. Oblivious to her true identity and destiny, Eve has lived a sheltered life in the care of guardian angels charged with protecting and hiding her from Nate, the fire demon. It's only when Eve turns eighteen and begins to blossom into her true self that she finally learns the truth.

Meanwhile, Nate prepares to kill her, luring her further and further into his snare, only to discover they share a bond. A bond so great that he finds himself falling hard for her. How can they be together when their union will bring all the demons of hell down upon them both?

 Entwined by Andi Bremner (Elemental, #1)

All Eve knows is that after her parents were killed, her older brothers have always been there for her, protective and supportive, even through their many sudden moves that she never questioned. Now she is turning eighteen and all the secrets, all of the lies told to keep her safe are about to be uncovered and the one boy she has finally fallen for could be the death of her.
Eve is not human, she is one of a kind, born of two worlds and bartered off as a pawn in a deadly game of good versus evil and the time has come for payment to be made. 

Nate has one job, a job he is very good at, find the half fae-half angel princess and destroy her.  Now he has found her, and the soulless demon he is will finally finish the mission he has been tasked to do.  What he didn’t expect was to find a clueless and beautiful girl who has captured his heart, but who would believe a demon has a heart or can feel love?  Torn between duty and these unfamiliar feelings, Nate is torn…

ENTWINED by Andi Bremner starts out as a promising young adult read with all of the props to draw in younger readers and hold them is the grasp of a fantasy world where princesses really do exist and love will always find a way to conquer all.

Nate plays his part well, for as much depth as he is given. The same goes for the brothers who are more than they seem, but they lack anything but a cursory swipe that completely understates the importance they have played in Eve’s life.

For her part, Eve, is “the girl too immature, too self-absorbed and too much in looooove” to really become friends with as she consistently does exactly the very worst things she can do, hiding truths and resenting any attempts to keep her safe.

There is so much potential that was missed, so many opportunities to create a character that goes beyond some of the worst attributes of being a teen not quite emotionally mature enough to handle the dire situation. Instead of listening to anyone, heeding the warnings of even Nate, she plows ahead kind of like the girl who runs back into the dark house filled with monsters. The writing, itself is well structured, the plot had huge potential to be a fresh twist on a theme that usually does well even in its genre repetition, but I really didn’t like the heroine and failed to see what would draw the anti-hero to her.

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