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Safe Landings by Kay Brandt

Safe Landings
by Kay Brandt

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Excessica (August 26, 2015)
Publication Date: August 26, 2015
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 242 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Two survivors of a plane crash, Elaine and Jessica, fall into an inescapable love affair with each other in the aftermath of their tragic experience. Through group therapy the two women reconnect and discover a secret bond between them that spirals into a passionate sexual relationship. Elaine is a married woman and Jessica was on the verge of getting engaged before the crash, but their emotional and lust-filled need for each other proves more powerful than the vows and promises made to their significant others. Their fated affair brings them to the edge of risking their relationships, and the two women must face a life-changing decision to stay together or part ways forever. 

Safe Landings by Kay Brandt

Safe LandingsThey were strangers connected by the horrific plane crash they both survived. Both traumatized, both trapped in the nightmare they lived through, they met at an airline sponsored therapy group. Together they would help each other begin to heal and their bond would grow beyond the kinship they felt at their shared experience. But would that bond be emotionally healthy in the long run or will it fill the desperate needs of two women in crisis?

Jessica is single, living with a man who would do anything to help her. Elaine, older and married, has long ago stretched the sanctity of her marriage to its final threads, holding her husband at bay, emotionally. What began as a seemingly innocent relationship based on shared grief soon becomes physical and even as these two women explore the magic of each other’s bodies, there seems to be an unraveling of their friendship as selfish needs and desires take precedence with Elaine pulling Jessica deeper into her own world of need.

First off, yes, this is erotica, yes it is graphic and yes, it involves both heterosexual and lesbian sex and lots of it. Kay Brandt is an author of erotica, but she knows how to write, to tell a story, to create tension and build a plot that is both gut-wrenching and one can easily get caught up in the trauma and drama these two women are facing. You know what? For me, the story stands on its own and the relationship these two women have created, while it clearly seems detrimental to their other relationships, because no matter how you cut it, they were cheating on a partner, it became a part of some emotional tie they both needed at the time, something to dull the survivors’ guilt and provide a celebration of life.

I knew what I was going to be reading and as always I went into this read like a blank slate. I did NOT know how talented Kay Brandt is as an author, able to build an emotionally jarring plot that actually played into the relationship. Erotica is sizzling sex ramped up a few hundred degrees, more expressive and definitely more in your face. Kay Brandt took me out of my comfort zone with the strength of her writing skills as she deftly brought the pain of surviving and the difficulty of dealing with it to life.

I am voluntarily reviewing this copy from Kay Brandt.

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