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Pranks and Poodles by Amy Gettinger

Pranks and Poodles
by Amy Gettinger

My rating: 5 stars
Publisher: Raucous Eucalyptus Press (September 29, 2017)
Publication Date: September 29, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 116 pages
Available from: Amazon

A novella for people who like April first and all the pranks and fun of the day. It features pranksters and dogs and love and a Volkswagen in the living room and lost money and a pink house and the healing of old wounds and … yes, more dogs. Lots of dogs. Hey, when a prank has been done, who better to blame than the family dog? And when deep forgiveness is required, who better to rely on than a few dozen canines? It’s their specialty.

So join Xenia Marcks and her five trickster sons (Huck, Puck, Loki, Ferris, and Harpo) and their handsome neighbor Kris and a couple dozen dogs for a whirlwind story about romance past and future that will give you new ideas what to do when April Fools’ Day (and maybe Valentine’s Day) rolls around again. Woof!

Pranks and Poodles by Amy Gettinger

Pranks and PoodlesToday, Amy Gettinger went shopping with me. Okay, PRANKS AND POODLES went shopping with me and I am pretty sure, as I walked down the aisles, earbuds in and chuckling out loud, people cleared a path. If you have read any of Ms. Gettinger’s books, you know what I am talking about. It is impossible to be anything but in a good mood after one of her romantic comedy reads!

April Fool’s Day at the Marcks house has been the highlight of this wacky family’s year and NO prank is too crazy, too over-the-top or too big to pull off. Xenia’s five sons have done their late father proud this year, but fun and games was not at the top of Xenia’s list. Money is tight, and her husband left them nothing. Okay, he hadn’t planned on dying, but there should have been some money to help raise her boys and where could it have gone? Xenia despairs when she realizes all of the possibilities and a crazy hunt to find the lost funds will take her far out of her comfort zone and cause her to doubt the crazy prankster she loved. To make things worse, this April first she would have to make one of the most heart-wrenching decisions ever and it is no joking matter.

Life must go on and what Xenia finds causes her to open her eyes and her heart to the truth, but not until her boys have turned her house and then her heart into a pink, frothy mess.

Feel the ups and downs of love and loss, change and the joys of coming out better than okay! If you had a tail, I guarantee it would be wagging!

I received a complimentary review copy from Amy Gettinger!

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