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Seventh Decimate by Stephen R. Donaldson (The Great God's War #1)

Seventh Decimate

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Written by: Stephen R. Donaldson
Series: The Great God's War (Book 1)
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
ISBN-10: 039958613X
ISBN-13: 978-0399586132
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Barnes & Noble:

The acclaimed author of the Thomas Covenant Chronicles launches a powerful new trilogy about a prince's desperate quest for a sorcerous library to save his people.

Fire. Wind. Pestilence. Earthquake. Drought. Lightning. These are the six Decimates, wielded by sorcerers for both good and evil.

But a seventh Decimate exists--the most devastating one of all...

For centuries, the realms of Belleger and Amika have been at war, with sorcerers from both sides brandishing the Decimates to rain blood and pain upon their enemy. But somehow, in some way, the Amikans have discovered and invoked a seventh Decimate, one that strips all lesser sorcery of its power. And now the Bellegerins stand defenseless.

Prince Bifalt, eldest son of the Bellegerin King, would like to see the world wiped free of sorcerers. But it is he who is charged with finding the repository of all of their knowledge, to find the book of the seventh Decimate--and reverse the fate of his land.

All hope rests with Bifalt. But the legendary library, which may or may not exist, lies beyond an unforgiving desert and treacherous mountains--and beyond the borders of his own experience. Wracked by hunger and fatigue, sacrificing loyal men along the way, Bifalt will discover that there is a game being played by those far more powerful than he could ever imagine. And that he is nothing but a pawn...
Seventh DecimateSeventh Decimate by Stephen R. Donaldson

Seventh Decimate is a well-constructed, thought-provoking storytelling of two civilizations that are dealing with decades of the effects of warring against each other.

The telling surrounds Prince Bifalt’s pursuit to find the ultimate knowledge that will end the war. It is a tale of his personal discovery and preconceived prejudices toward his enemy. You, as the reader, get to see his travels first hand through his eyes and perspective. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a bigger, unmovable, blockhead when it comes to seeing what is right in front of him, making Prince Bifalt, not very likable.

Intriguing, compelling ethical truths about war, enemies, and inherited preconceptions are all wrapped up in a visually scripted tale. With a fast-paced well-constructed plot, I should have loved the story but I could not get past wanting to knock the main character, Prince Bifalt, over the head with a 2x4 and sadly this feeling hit often. Watching all that conspired around Prince Bifalt, I could not fathom that any individual would be that blind to personal growth, the ability to see beyond what one was told to true the reality that is presented. Because of that stagnate personality, Seventh Decimate was just an okay read for me.

I received this ARC copy of Seventh Decimate from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review. Seventh Decimate is set for publication November 14, 2017.

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