Saturday, November 18, 2017

Shatterbones by Robert Brown

by Robert Brown

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Severed Press; 2 edition (February 16, 2017)
Publication Date: February 16, 2017
Genre: Science Fiction | Post Apocalyptic | YA on up
Print Length: 258 pages
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The first day of The Shattering nearly becomes an extinction level event when the hope for humanity’s future mutates into ancient monsters of folklore. Size, strength, and speed are among their abilities. A hunger for human flesh or blood are among their needs. 

Rounded up and placed in camps, the survivors of the apocalypse are helpless against the abilities their captors now possess. The choice to allow humans their freedom or keep them enslaved and used as cattle is made independently by mutants around the globe. 

A vampire called The Angel, decides she will not allow the world to remain a place where the slavery of mankind is permitted to exist. Gathering like-minded mutants to her cause, The Angel goes to war to free humanity. If she is successful in saving humans from their oppressors, how will she and her kind be able to coexist with man? If she fails, what future remains for the human race? 

Shatterbones by Robert Brown

ShatterbonesHumanity as we know it ended when the earth was bathed in a blue haze from the skies. The future of our world, adolescents facing the already mind-boggling effects of puberty are mutated into creatures of fantasies, nightmares and science fiction. The transformation began with their bones shattering and rebuilding, it ended with their need for flesh and blood and the clock is ticking to the demise of the human race. How can teens, already chomping at the bit for independence handle what Fate has thrown at their feet? Even their parents are fair game. Governments will collapse and battle lines will be drawn, not only between human and mutant, but mutant against mutant as young minds in superhuman bodies will battle for supremacy, and what little time remains for humanity.

SHATTERBONES by Robert Brown is a fast-paced post-apocalyptic tale that spans the events of a world in crisis, with little idea on how to deal with what has happened. Youthful heroes will rise, as will evil, and for once, adults do not have all the answers.

Robert Brown has created an intriguing young adult read that doesn’t get bogged down in the details, but allows us to use our own imaginations to fill in any blanks we may or may not find. I found myself impressed with the maturity of some of these “mutants,” as well as their ability to maintain self-control over their need to feed. There will be villains, fierce battles, conflict and revelations. Mr. Brown has done a good job or bringing out the worst and the best in his characters without becoming dark. An interesting read that held me from the start through the twists and hair-raising turns to the very end.

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