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All We Knew by Jamie Beck #Release Day #Giveaway

About the Book

Author: Jamie Beck
Release Date: January 30, 2018
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Hunter Cabot deeply loves two things: the international tea company he’s helped his father build, and his wife, Sara. From the moment he first saw her wide smile on their college campus years ago, Hunter fell hard. Yet now, with other family members pushing to sell the thriving business and Sara grieving their failure to start a family, he’s suddenly facing the crushing loss of both.
The relentless ambition that Sara once admired in Hunter is now driving them apart. Each missed doctor’s appointment, neglected dinner date, and family squabble accentuates their differing priorities. Still, Sara struggles to create the home life they’d envisioned, until unsettling developments—both personal and professional—push them to the breaking point.

When love is put to the ultimate test, can Hunter and Sara stop fighting each other long enough to fight for their marriage?

Author Biography

Jamie Beck is a former attorney with a passion for inventing stories about love and redemption. In addition to writing novels, she also pens articles on behalf of a local nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth and strengthening families. Fortunately, when she isn’t tapping away at the keyboard, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.

Social Media Links

Website: http://jamiebeck.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamieBeckBooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/writerjamiebeck
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8020971.Jamie_Beck

Jamie Beck Interview

1. Your first romance was published in 2014 and in the last few years you have ten books out. Congrats! What makes your newest story, All We Knew, special to you?

Thank you! It’s been a wild few years.

This story is special to me because it is unconventional--the couple is already married. It presented a great opportunity to stretch as a storyteller, and I’m grateful that my editor let me take this chance.

2. The plot for this story is unique. How do you describe this book?

To me, this is a mature love story. Although Hunter and Sara are only in their young thirties, they’ve been together for a dozen years, and married since the age of twenty-five. They love each other, but the marriage is breaking down due to a number of issues: failed IVFs, Hunter’s frustrated ambition, communication breakdowns, and disparate priorities. Unlike many romances, which are all about the tingle-filled journey to the happily ever after, this book is about how to keep love alive after “I do.”

3. Hunter and Sara’s marriage may look ideal from the outside, but they are facing some major problems that are threatening to tear them apart. What are the outside influences on the couple as well as the inner conflicts that they are dealing with?

I mentioned the bigger ones above, but at the root of all of their problems are two main issues: a lack of healthy communication, and the friction that comes when the opposite traits that initially attracted you to someone begin to rub you the wrong way. I think these are two issues almost every person in a lengthy relationship can relate to.

4. As a wife and mother, how did you use your own personal experiences to infuse your story with reality?

My husband and I definitely have had those downturns where communication becomes hostile and riddled with resentment, and where our differences really aggravate each other. We’ve been lucky (eighteen years and counting) to work through those patches, but I think a lot of people struggle to get through them. As for the IVF, I did not have to undergo those treatments, but several friends have, some of whom kindly shared intimate details with me to help me shape how that could affect Hunter and Sara’s relationship.

5. In romance, often times wedding bells signal the end of the story, however, your couple is just getting started! Was it hard to put the romance in this romance novel?

It was difficult to infuse romance into a marriage-in-trouble story. It’s a fine line to show that, underneath the turmoil, deep love exists because if it is too obvious, then there is no question of whether they can work through it. I think I incorporated a few key moments where the reader will feel their connection and see a bit of romance, but this is not a fairy tale story with flowers and candlelight and lots of sexy times. I love Hunter and Sara’s journey, and I hope readers will, too.

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