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Deadlines & Dryads by Rebecca Chastain (Terra Haven Chronicles, #1)

Deadlines & Dryads
by Rebecca Chastain

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Terra Haven Chronicles - Book 1
Publisher: Mind Your Muse Books (January 9, 2018)
Publication Date: January 9, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 140 pages
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Getting the scoop might cost Kylie and her gargoyle companion their lives…

Dryads are a reclusive, passive species—or they used to be. Overnight, the peaceful woodland creatures have turned violent, attacking travelers with crude weapons and whipping the trees of their grove into a ferocious frenzy.

When rumors of the dryads’ bizarre behavior reaches journalist Kylie Grayson, she pounces on the story, determined to unearth the reason behind the dryads’ hostile transformation. Accompanied by Quinn, her young gargoyle friend, Kylie plunges into the heart of the malevolent grove. But nothing she’s learned prepares her for the terrifying conflict she uncovers…

USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Chastain returns to the beloved world of the Gargoyle Guardian Chronicles for a brand-new spellbinding adventure of elemental magic and courageous gargoyles. If you love action-packed stories filled with mythical creatures, brave heroines, and adorable sidekicks, you’ll love Deadlines & Dryads.

My Review

Deadlines and Dryads (Terra Haven Chronicles, #1)It was the chance of a lifetime for Kylie Grayson, young journalist/reporter at the Terra Haven newspaper. All she had to do was grab the best headline, write the best copy and beat her co-workers to press with it, oh, she has 48 hours to do so. Who knew the normally peaceful Dryads would give her the story she needed when they went berserk in the woodlands, rampaging like crazed monsters? All Kylie had to do was get close enough to the action for a firsthand account and beat out the office hotshot in the process. With her trusty young gargoyle friend, Quinn at her side, how could she fail?

Enter Grant, FPD officer and now Kylie’s biggest obstacle to getting her story. Can Kylie convince Grant he is better off keeping her close by rather than trusting her to just give up on her story on his command? Seriously, has he never seen a reporter who has smelled a breaking story?
Hang on for the ride of your life as Grant reluctantly teams up with Kylie and Quinn in a face-off against the Dryads where magic abounds and danger is only a spell away!

Rebecca Chastain’s DEADLINES & DRYADS is a fast-paced, furiously exciting and fun trip into the world where gargoyles and magic users are the norm as one feisty reporter goes toe to toe with the authorities and a band of raging Dryads with the adorable Quinn by her side!

Will Kylie earn the coveted “chance of a lifetime?” Will she put Nathan in his place at the paper? I absolutely loved this tale from Rebecca Chastain! It has all of the ingredients required for a fabulous, light-hearted read!...and Quinn, who couldn’t love a gargoyle?

I received a complimentary copy from Rebecca Chastain!

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