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Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes (The Reverie, #1)

Magnetic Reverie
by Nico J. Genes

My rating: 3 stars

Series: the Reverie - Book 1
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Publisher: Nico J. Genes
Genre: LGBT - Erotic Romance
Print Length: 260 pages
Available from: Amazon
Lana lives a perfect life in Washington DC with her husband, Greg. Right in the middle of a peaceful and simple life, a dream shows up in her sleep– ironically waking her to a new reality– one that questions the very essence of who she is. 
Enter Claire, a beautiful young woman who Lana is supposedly in a relationship with. 
Meandering between Slovenia and Washington DC, sleeping and waking hours, this love story makes Lana evolve and grow. 
But a decision must be made. Love wins in the end, undoubtedly, but love for whom?

Magnetic Reverie by Nico J. Genes 

Magnetic ReverieChoices, realities, awakenings, acceptance and what love is are all part of Nico J. Genes’ MAGNETIC REVERIE. Lana’s life would seem perfect, happily married to the man of her dreams until a new reality is awakened within her, until the dreams of her sleep open a new world of emotions. She will discover a new side of her, a side open to love for and from a woman, will she be completed as a person? Will her dreams become the reality she truly desires? Follow Lana as her dream world and her reality collide and entangle her in a web that will unlock what is hidden within.

Nico J. Genes has created an intriguing tale of a woman who finds her own inner awakening, the realization that she can love a man and a woman in similar, yet unique ways, foregoing the taboos often assigned to non-traditional relationships. Will she choose one love over another? Will her choices be from the heart that has been awakened? Ms. Genes has built her story in two intermingling parts, her reality and one that appears to take place only in Lana’s dreams, yet clearly affects her reality as well, sometimes making this tale difficult to follow unless paying close attention as we are able to feel the confusion that Lana feels.

A remarkably intense and “honest” story that is captivating, yet, perhaps in the translation became a bit repetitive, still, Ms. Genes has done an amazing job in enlightening readers to non-traditional relationships and their “human” beauty.

I received a complimentary copy from Nico J. Genes!

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