Friday, March 23, 2018

Goddess of Mine by Tabitha Barret (Shamrocked Anthology)

Goddess of Mine
Part of:
Shamrocked: An Anthology of Irish Shenanigans

by Tabitha Barrett & More
My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Covey Publishing, LLC (March 13, 2018)
Publication Date: March 13, 2018
Genre: Fantasy Anthology - Romantic
Total Anthology Print Length: 577 pages
Available from: Amazon
When an ancient Celtic Goddess is ruthlessly attacked by one of her own kin, can she recover her strength and special abilities in time to save the handsome mortal who rescued her from death?
Goddess of Mine by Tabitha Barret (Shamrocked Anthology)

Shamrocked: An Anthology of Irish ShenanigansTabitha Barret has brought her creative best to the table as she gives us a tender love story and one goddess’s struggle to regain her abilities and believe in herself and her family of gods, all while she finds a mortal has stolen her heart. In a brief tale that feels like it floats through both history and the contemporary times it is set in, we will witness the brutal jealousies and all-consuming quest for power that almost kills Keridwen. She lives apart from humanity, apart from her fellow gods alone with the beauty of nature, reveling in her powers to cause things to flourish.

Her life almost ended when werewolves attack with poison on their claws, but her life is saved by a bachelor cattle rancher who allows her beauty within and on the surface to steal his heart.

That fateful night, Keri’s powers were twisted into something ugly, and she can no longer strengthen the beauty of the flora and fauna and humanity will suffer if she does not attempt to regain her powers and resume her position as a goddess. How would Quinn react to find she is more than a woman? What danger has she brought to his doorstep?

Could Fate be so cruel as to give her heart its true desire then threaten to take it away? GODDESS OF MINE is a contemporary fairytale set in a land known for its magically rich history and love of all things "other," Ireland.

I just loved how this tale seems to feel timeless! Complete with a battle of good versus evil, the true heart of this tale is the story of love between two damaged souls!

I received a complimentary copy of GODDESS OF MINE by Tabitha Barret! My honest review is voluntary!

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