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Billionaire Bachelor: Michael by Eve Black Tour & #Giveaway

Title: Billionaire Bachelor: Michael
Author: Eve Black
Series: Diamond Bridal Agency #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 18th, 2018
Format: Digital


Born into money, Michael Donovan has never known a moment of need or true want…until his father gives him an ultimatum; marry or lose his company. Tired of the clingy women in the elite social circles, and just plain done with one-night stands, he hires an exclusive bridal agency to find him a wife—any wife, he ain’t picky, as long as she’s willing to live by a hands-off policy.

He’s ready to settle down into a life of domestic boredom…until he meets his new bride.


Tired of living in her famous mother's shadow, Helene Collins is ready to give up on her own happily ever after until she sees an interesting ad. Her mother’s name gets her through the door of the Diamond Bridal Agency, but it is up to her to make sure she doesn’t mess up the chance of a lifetime. Everything starts falling into place…until she meets her husband-to-be. He’s gorgeous, charming, and oh so sexy…so why does he need to marry her? And why does he keep breaking his own rules?

This is a sexy, smart, and fun contemporary romance novella.

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“I had a good time tonight,” she blurted, desperate to break the tension.
Michael's left eyebrow arched, and his lips cocked in an utterly panty-melting smile.
“I did, too, Helene,” he drawled, and she could feel the tension only tighten.
What is happening?
She swallowed, making to turn away and head to her room, where she would immediately take a long, cold shower. But his hand on her hip slid to press against her lower back. Her gaze flew up to meet his, and his gaze flicked over her face, searching her expression, her eyes. But what was he looking for?
“You aren’t leaving so soon, are you?” he asked, as his other hand came up and his finger brushed her cheek, gliding down, feather-light, to skim her lips.
She held her breath, her whole body waiting, hoping… He leaned in, brushing his lips over hers, a soft caress that sent tingles of hot want straight to her core. He did it again, brushing a slow, teasing kiss over her lips, and she waited…but she had no idea what she was waiting for, what she was yearning for. She’d never known a man like Michael, had never been kissed by a man like Michael, and she had no clue what to do. She only knew she was on fire, her breasts ached, her nipples strained into pebbles, and her thighs quaked.
“Helene…” Michael murmured, his mouth only a breath from hers.
“Yes?” she breathed, her throat closing around the single word as desire rose up to choke her.
Michael’s finger returned to her face, tracing the line of lips, his gaze following his finger’s path, but then his gaze met hers, and she thought the world would explode from inside her.
“Don’t I get a goodnight kiss?” he drawled, his words like lava licking through her veins.
His now midnight blue eyes were blazing hot, swirling with desire and need so scorching, it burned her. It couldn’t be possible. She was Helene, chubby and sassy and nothing at all like the women he could get… So why was he leaning in again? Why was he brushing his mouth over hers again? And why was she melting into him?

Eve Black is a lover of all things sexy, naughty, dirty, filthy, and chocolate.
She loves to write all the sexy scenes she wishes were in the books she reads. And so she writes sexy books!
When Eve isn't writing, she is reading, and when she isn't reading, she's drinking tea and coloring in her adult coloring books.
Connect with Eve: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon

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