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Reverie Girl by Nico J. Genes (The Reverie, #2)

Reverie Girl
by Nico J. Genes

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Reverie - Book 2
Publication Date: January 13, 2018
Publisher: Nico Genes
Genre: Gay | Lesbian | Bi Romance
Print Length: 261 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Sensual Journey of a Young Woman Falling Madly in Love with The Girl of her Dreams.
Claire is a young woman who only accepted her sexuality following an enlightening trip to India. Soon after, she falls head over heels in love with a gorgeous girl, Lana, a woman she meets only by pure chance during a captivating encounter between flights within Vienna’s Airport terminal. This love seemed far from being reciprocated and rather hopeless. Or was it?
Lana meets Claire whilst going from Slovenia on route to the US making plans for her perfect married life. This encounter reveals the essence of who she is within. She discovers a new side to herself. She becomes torn between two worlds and must decide. Whatever her decision, there will be consequences. She can suppress her feelings and memories during the day. Can she control them in her dreams? 
Will her dreams be strong enough to make Lana follow her heart?
Reverie Girl by Nico J. Genes (The Reverie, #2)

Reverie Girl (The reverie, #2)Their eyes met, they spent three hours in rapt conversation and then they parted in Vienna’s airport. Lana was on her way to Washington to marry her American fiancé. Claire had finally understood and accepted her sexuality and she knew that Lana was her one true love. Lana didn’t understand why the pretty Slovenian woman had captured her interest so completely.

This is the continuation of their story of forbidden love, conflicting emotions, commitments and fear of the unknown. Told in the voices and viewpoints of both Claire and Lana, this heart wrenching love story spans countries, time and even miscarriages as Lana leaves Claire behind to start her new life in America.

As Lana must decide between two worlds, one with a lesbian lover and one with her husband. Is Claire a fling? Something different, therefore exciting or is she the other half of Lana’s soul? Has Lana told too many lies, given too many excuses to expect Claire to wait for her to finally choose?

They say our dreams help us work through conflicts...what are Lana's dreams telling her?

Nico Genes’s REVERIE GIRL is a tumultuous, soul-searching tale of choices and consequences with no guarantee of a happy ending. Well written, dark and filled with a heavy atmosphere of unrest, this showcases the growth of an author writing in a second language and nailing the emotional turmoil of these characters.

I received a complimentary copy from Nico Genes!

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