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Skinny Pants by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Happy Pants Cafe, #3)

Skinny Pants
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Happy Pants Cafe - Book 3
Publisher: Mimi Boutique (April 20, 2018)
Publication Date: April 20, 2018 (April 18, 2018 B&N)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 282 pages
Available from:

DR. JACK REED has been through hell. His wife cheated on him, broke his heart, and lied for years. But moving on isn’t easy, and it’s impossible to trust women again. Until he meets Macie, a nurse at his new hospital. There’s something about her honest heart that makes him want to fight to get his life back. 

NURSE MACIE FRANKLIN was always known as “the fat girl.” After decades of failed diets, she doesn’t dream of ever being anything but invisible to the opposite sex. One moment of weakness and two glasses of bubbly later, she’s in a steamy online chat with “Dr. J-Love” as the fake, size 8, bubbly Catrina.

Their passionate conversation convinces her it’s time to make big life changes. But when she goes to see Dr. Reed, the new amazing surgeon everyone’s talking about, it’s Dr. J-Love! And he’s way hotter in person.

They hit it off a second time as friends, but now Macie’s heart is at risk of falling hopelessly in love. Will he ever love the real her back?
Skinny Pants by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Happy Pants Cafe, #3)

Skinny PantsWhat’s not to love about a sweet romance that involves humor, heart and COOKIES? Add a little too much wine, an online dating service and several “Oh, crap,” moments, a few “What the Heck?” paragraphs, not to mention laugh-out-loud dialogue and without a doubt, you know you have fallen into another Mimi Jean Pamfiloff tale!

SKINNY PANTS is going to tickle your fancy, warm your romantic heart and offer up a prayer to the gods that women can finally learn to love themselves for who and what they are, no matter their shape or size!

Macie is the woman who always ends up in the friend zone. She’s a little overweight, but fit, intelligent, giving, caring, cool under pressure. She has true friends, is an excellent, compassionate nurse, BUT, she is looking for love and here is where things get verrrrry interesting!

It seems that after a couple of glasses of bubbly, her fingers did the walking over the keyboard on an adult chat/dating site. So maybe the picture she used wasn’t actually her, and maybe, just maybe she was pretty hot and heavy online with Dr. J-Love with the razor-sharp abs, chiseled face, it wasn’t like she was going to actually meet him…Last. Famous. Words.

Macie decides it’s time to get drastic with her weight, so why not go to the best surgeon around? The new guy at the hospital, Dr. Jack Reed…or as she knows him, Dr. J-Love. Holy heart palpitations, his picture online doesn’t do him justice, but he is now all business. And why would this Adonis need a dating site? Could it be that even he knows the pain of heartbreak and loneliness? And what is Macie supposed to do now?

Jack DOES know the pain of betrayal, divorced and bitter, the last thing he wants is a romantic entanglement, but Macie, with her zest for life, quick wit, sincerity and down-to-earth attitude is just the kind of “friend” he needs, until he sees her bite into one of those special cookies from the Happy Pants Cafe. Can you say, Doc, you are an ass, jumping to the totally wrong conclusion? NOT that Macie isn’t hiding some big secret…it just has nothing to do with the cookie!

Hang on tight for the “ride of miscommunications” of your life as Macie and Jack straddle the rails of life downhill without brakes! Lies by omission, arrogant pig-headedness and life-threatening flames make this love story a kaleidoscope of comedy and a collage of pain as two souls make affairs of the heart about as jumbled and abstract as a Picasso painting.

Face it, there is NEVER a dull moment when Mimi Jean Pamfiloff wields her mighty pen!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!

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