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Wendy's Magic by T. Faye

Wendy's Magic
by T. Faye

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: WestBow Press (December 14, 2011)
Publication Date: December 14, 2011
Genre: Middlegrade Inspirational Fiction
Print Length: 140 pages
Available from: Amazon
Nine-year old Wendy Buchanan has a good life growing up in Sandusky, Ohio—quite wonderful, in fact, until a tragedy claims both the life of her mother and Wendy's ability to ever walk again.  Life as she knows it has now changed forever. But can life possibly be as good as or even better than before?  Through Wendy's love of horses (and one particularly fantastical carousel pony), the help of her lifelong friend, her father, and one very, very peculiar neighbor, Wendy finds the way out of her darkness and learns to live and love again. 
Wendy's Magic by T. Faye

Wendy's MagicA warm and wonderful read for middlegrade readers about growing up, acceptance, life, loss and regaining hope for the future. WENDY’S MAGIC by T. Faye is the story of Wendy, whose life was hit repeatedly by tragedy, from the death of her mother to the loss of the use of her legs in an accident.

Nine-year-old Wendy grew up with her best friend next door, a loving family and like so many young girls, dreamed of riding and horses. She never knew her life would not always be picture perfect or that it could actually be cruel. Why would God see fit to make her mother suffer and take her when Wendy was alone, and scared in the hospital?

She needed magic in her life, she needed something to believe in, and she found it in a carousel horse and a quirky neighbor who taught her to take a chance, that she could make her life even better than before if she just learned to reach out to others and see her new “condition” as so much more than a “handicap.”

Wendy’s voice is young, her way of seeing the world is innocent and envisioned through the eyes of a child not mature enough to understand that life is what one makes it and faith can be a strong support, especially when that faith is in both yourself and a higher being.

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