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A Mistress for Penndrake by Tammy L. Bailey

A Mistress for Penndrake
by Tammy L. Bailey

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Entangled: Amara (May 28, 2018)
Publication Date: May 28, 2018
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 257 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The Marquess of Wesley is out for blood. For a year, Lord Wesley has tried to undo the devastation his father left to Penndrake, their ancestral home, only to discover the man gambled it away right before his death. Now Wesley is being blackmailed by the new owner into marrying a woman he’s never met in order to get it back. But his intentions are less than honorable…

At one and twenty, Miss Kate Holden intends to become a governess, having sworn off all men years ago. However, her plans are halted when she receives a daunting letter from her cousin about a Lord Wesley. Ignorant of the name, and the devilish marquess that wears it all too well, she nearly ends up compromised. Refusing to fall prey to Wesley’s skillful seduction, Kate decides to turn things around on the rake. But the high-stakes game between them soon leads to her losing the last thing she expected…her heart.
A Mistress for Penndrake by Tammy L. Bailey

A Mistress for PenndrakeFrom the “Ye Olde” dialogue that peppers this tale to the bosoms nearly falling out of their confines, Tammy L. Bailey’s A MISTRESS FOR PENNDRAKE is a delightfully entertaining tale of romance and the sticky wicket two souls make of falling in love!

Kate is not in the market for a husband, especially if it is one her father has chosen for her. This fiery female is independent, a little less than graceful and certainly not afraid to speak her mind. All in all, she is a woman before her time trapped in an era where she has little input about her future. Now her cousin has warned her off the rake, Lord Wesley, but why should she worry about a man she has never met?

The Marquess of Wesley has lived under the weight of his father’s indiscretions, bad gambling debts and finally the greatest insult, being blackmailed into marrying a stranger in order to win back his ancestral home, Penndrake. Little did he know the fiery female he met would be the stranger in matrimonial question.

Let the game of love begin! Like the Gingham dog and the Calico cat, these two challenge each other, irk each other and just barely miss making fur fly as Lord Wesley does his rakish best to unnerve Kate.

So maybe we know how this is going to end, but trust me, the roller-coaster Tammy L. Bailey takes us on is simply delightful, filled with humor, heart and moments of heavenly heat. Picture Cinderella getting one over on the belles of the ball without even meaning to! And trust me, the belles are a quirky group, indeed!

Loads of misunderstandings, those crazy customs of the times and Fate all have a great time playing ping-pong with two hearts that are meant to be together, whether they will admit it or not! Fabulously fun historical romance reading!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tammy L. Bailey!

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