Friday, June 15, 2018

Cherished Wings by Tracey L. Dragon (Return to the Homefront, #1)

Cherished Wings
by Tracey L. Dragon

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Return to the Homefront - Book 1
Expected Publication Date: July 11, 2018
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance
Available from: Amazon

When Sara Kennedy returns to her small hometown in Western New York and visits her dying grandmother, she asks her about the pair of World War II Navy Wings she found in her grandmother’s dresser drawer. Her grandmother reluctantly shares with Sara the powerful love story she had not spoken of in over fifty years. As the tale unfolds, Sara finds herself caught up in a time where things were simpler, yet more complex—where love and war were not compatible. A story so poignant, it rocks Sara’s world and changes her life forever.

Cherished Wings by Tracey L. Dragon
(Return to the Homefront, #1)

True love never dies, not through time or distance or even earthly death and Sara Kennedy is about to learn of a secret her dying grandmother has held in her heart since she was a young woman during World War II...and it all started with a pair of Navy Wings tucked deep in her grandmother’s dresser drawer.

CHERISHED WINGS by Tracey L. Dragon will take readers back through time to an era that knew the pain of loss around the globe as young men went off to war and some never came home.
Present day Sara will hear the story of a secret love told through her grandmother’s eyes. Not only will she see the once vibrant young woman that now owns fifty years of the wisdom of life, the wrinkles of time and the frailty of old age, she will see the heart of a woman with fifty years of hidden sorrow and loss, brave enough to go on and build a new life.

Tracey L. Dragon’s story of Fran and Jack, who, in spite of hardly knowing each other and knowing that Jack would soon be going to war is heart-warming, heartbreaking and a testament to the term “soulmates.” Two people in a simpler time, a more “modest” time, a time of war will still have hope to be together and dare to give their hearts away.

Fran is an amazing character, loyal to a fault to her friends, while Jack stops just short of being her Prince Charming. As Fran tells her story to Sara, we are taken back in time, and each scene comes alive, and even the air around us feels different.

For Sara, who has had her own share of grief when it comes to love, her grandmother’s past could give her the strength to look beyond her cynical views into the magic of love.

I was completely enthralled with Ms. Dragon’s story, and I admit I choked up several times, because I felt I was there and saw the unfairness of life and the brutality of loss. Please do yourself a favor and read on past that last page, I got chills reading how this magical romance came to be. If you love real romance, or even if you doubt it exists, CHERISHED WINGS will prove out that nothing is more powerful than soul-deep love!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Tracey L. Dragon!

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