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Exit Strategy by Joseph H. Baskin

Exit Strategy
by Joseph H. Baskin

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Joseph H Baskin (June 30, 2018)
Publication Date: June 30, 2018
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 237 pages
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Disgraced psychiatrist Archibald Wendt seeks a new life in Harding, Ohio, but gets drawn into the affairs of the town’s wealthiest family. 

Aging tycoon Virgil Morgenstern, soliciting advice for succession planning, embroils the psychiatrist in a tempest of family politics. 

Before the dust settles Archie will have to battle the town’s suspicions, avoid harm to life and limb, and face his own demons. Anonymity turns to notoriety as his world comes crashing down. 

Exit Strategy is an exploration of the lives we keep secret, the guilt we carry around, and the impact of suicide on those left behind.
Exit Strategy by Joseph H. Baskin

Exit StrategyHe thought he could escape the shame he brought on himself and his profession in Harding, Ohio. Yet psychiatrist Archibald Wendt finds himself caught up in a tsunami of deceit, murder, suicide and greed as one wealthy and dysfunctional family go to the monetary mats over an unexpected inheritance.

A newcomer to town, Archibald is surprised to have an aging and wealthy tycoon befriend him, shortly before he commits suicide. Virgil Morgenstein knew what he was going to do, he even knew what would transpire after his death and Archibald plays right into his hands as a the patsy the town loves to hate.

Why would Morgenstein need Wendt if he already had his affairs in order? Was he counting on the good doctor’s keen sense of humanity to be a shoulder to lean on in difficult times or is there something more he wants from Wendt? Did he intend for Wendt to become a pariah in a town who barely knew him? Did he know Wendt had his own demons to fend off?

A crazy, twisted small town soap opera with strong characters, a little too much alcohol and a whole lot of money, EXIT STRATEGY by Joseph H. Baskin will bring readers to the edge! Entertaining, suspenseful, expect the unexpected when the doctor is in the house.

I received a complimentary copy from Joseph H. Baskin!

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