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Guardian Angel by Bob Rich

Guardian Angel
by Bob Rich

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Bob Rich
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 348 pages
Available from: Amazon
1850, a small town in Australia: Glindi, an Aboriginal woman, gives birth to a daughter, the result of a rape by a white man. She names her Maraglindi, meaning "Glindi's sorrow," but the girl is a joy to all those around her. She has the gift of love.
During her short life, she encounters everything intolerant, cruel Victorian society can throw at people it considers to be animals. She surmounts the savagery of the white invader by conquering hate with love. Even beyond death, she spreads compassion, then she returns a second time, with an ending that will touch your heart.
Maraglindi: child of the land, fruit of an evil deed, and instrument of love. 
Guardian Angel by Bob Rich 

Guardian AngelWe tend to think that racial intolerance and ethnic/religious superiority are a contemporary problem, but Bob Rich’s heartfelt tale, GUARDIAN ANGEL, although historical fiction, will show otherwise.

Maraglindi was the issue of the brutality of rape when her aboriginal mother was forced to submit to the white land/slave owner. From her first breath, she was different, a special soul possessed of the healing qualities of love and compassion in a world filled with hate and distrust, a world that allowed one man to own another.

It was only through the kindness of a white family that Maraglindi was given an opportunity to thrive in a world that feared/hated her because of the color of her skin. It would be the love that she exuded that would soften many hearts. She was a bringer of hope, of a future where people were not judged or held back because of their differences. Did she possess special gifts to heal from within? Was she another prophet of love and understanding for those whose hearts she touched? Could she be a reincarnated soul sent to save the world from itself? Would she continue to return until love and acceptance would finally conquer hatred?

Bob Rich has clearly researched the history of Australia, yet his tale is global in its reach. With his gift of storytelling and the beauty of all that was Maraglindi, this soul-warming tale is a reminder that within every person lies the opportunity to stand up for love, acceptance and the ability to create change, one day, one touch, one person at a time.

It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, if you share this planet this is highly recommended reading for anyone with a heartbeat.

I received a complimentary copy from Bob Rich!

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