Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wicked Heat 2 by Mila Young & T.F. Walsh (Lick of Fire, #2)

Wicked Heat
by Mila Young

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Lick of Fire - Book 2
Publication Date: July 10, 2018
Publisher: Mila Young
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem
Print Length: 176 pages
Available from: Amazon
My past refuses to stay buried, so why am I deadset on digging things up?

I didn’t ask to be different. I’m no-one’s victim, and I damned well am not going to be someone’s sacrificial lamb. My boys need me now more than ever. And I’m going to fight for them, before they lose themselves trying to help me. But shit happens, and the kick in the teeth is that the guys who are slowly claiming my heart have gained themselves a spot on Hell’s waiting list because of me.

An ancient darkness is coming, threatening the world, stealing my power. I’ll do anything to protect innocents... Even if it means sacrificing myself.
Wicked Heat 2 by Mila Young & T.F. Walsh (Lick of Fire, #2)

Wicked Heat (Lick of Fire, #2)WICKED HEAT 2 lives up to its name, either that or my Kindle started overheating…
Mila Young and T.F. Walsh are back and the dynamic duo brought us MORE humor, MORE heat and MORE character development and even MORE intrigue!

Sephy’s past is lurking in the shadows. The turmoil she is in is ratcheted to full bore as she gets to know some of her “boys” better and they are now in danger because she is “different.” But will saving them cost her her own life?

Four powerful males, each tied to Sephy every bit as tightly as the evil that is determined to surround her. Just when we get to that HUGE finish…yep, once again, Mila Young and T.F. Walsh leave us…just hanging and gasping for more!

Not only is this series fun, its sexy, intriguing and did I mention sexy? This slow burn Reverse Harem is definitely getting hotter!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Mila Young!

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