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Tome Wardens: The Complete Trilogy by Anna J. Stewart

Tome Wardens: The Complete Trilogy
by Anna J. Stewart

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: IndieWrites (August 1, 2018)
Publication Date: August 1, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 250 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The Tome Wardens Novella Trilogy
3 Sisters. 3 Imprisoned Warriors. 1 Magical Destiny

Warden of Magic

Librarian Clara MacQueen came to Scotland with her two sisters to reunite with the mother who abandoned them years ago. But a visit to what looks like an innocent bookstore catapults Clara into a world of magic, mystery and adventure…and right into the arms of Bowen, an imprisoned warrior fighting an evil who will soon set its eyes on the MacQueen sisters. 

Warden of Sight

Nellie MacQueen can’t seem to catch a break. Dumped by her philandering fiance, she’s come to Scotland with her two sisters to meet the mother who abandoned them ages ago. She’s got enough to worry about without being catapulted into a magical world filled with water demons, violent soldiers, and no cell phone reception. Being saved by Keane, her one-time storybook hero turned blind resistance fighter, seems an outrageous fantasy, even for Nellie. Magical powers? Destiny? Love? It all seems impossible to logical Nellie, but there’s nothing logical about the way Keane makes her feel. Is the attraction they feel for each other real? Or has Keane finally found the weapon he’s been searching for?

Warden of Fate

To protect her sisters, Amber MacQueen’s kept her magic a secret for her entire life. But when Nellie and Clara disappear into a magical storybook realm, Amber doesn’t have any choice but to follow and fully embrace the powers she’s long denied. Finding an imprisoned Rivalin, the warrior she’s long dreamed about and loved, waiting for her upon her arrival is more than she could have hoped for. Meeting him in person does not disappoint. Finally, she’s met the man of her dreams.

Except Rivalin isn’t the man she thinks he is. Being banished to the Forgotten Realm was torture enough, but the curse he’s under has stolen everything from him, even control over his actions. Which Amber, her sisters, and those in the realm are in grave danger. Not just from the evil forces out to destroy them, but from Rivalin himself.
Tome Wardens: The Complete Trilogy by Anna J. Stewart

Tome Wardens: The Complete TrilogyGood reading comes in threes and Anna J. Stewart has a fantasy romance trilogy that proves it!
TOME WARDENS: THE COMPLETE TRILOGY is a three part tale of three sisters on a quest to find their long lost mother in Scotland, but what they each discover is something fairy tales are made of and it all began with a book, of course!

WARDEN OF MAGIC is Clara’s tale as she enters an old book store and literally steps into a magic tome that takes her to another world where she is found by a warrior imprisoned in the Forgotten Realm. Bowen will do anything to protect the strange young woman whom he suspects is related to his Queen.

Clara has spirit, that’s for sure, but at times her use of slang was a bit much, although I must say, Bowen handled her pretty well!

Nellie MacQueen goes searching for Clara in the old book store when she fails to return only to find herself being catapulted into a world of terrifying monsters and Keane, a warrior she has fantasized about all of her life. For Keane, Nellie is his savior from the blindness he has been cursed with. One touch from her and he sees not only with his eyes, but his heart. Is it possible that that even fairy tales can come true?

In the WARDEN OF FATE, oldest sister Amber must reveal a secret she was sworn to keep from childhood. Forced to follow her sisters into the Forgotten Realm, only she thinks she knows who or what she will find, or so she thought. Never did she imagine she would find the man of dreams imprisoned in a nightmare of existence that could prove more dangerous than the evil that stalks the MacQueen sisters.

Seems the girls have family in very high magical places and as they are reunited with each other, they will discover their true destinies and powers.

All together these short, but fabulously entertaining tales are light enough to smile at, mysterious enough to wonder what will happen next and have just enough danger to prove their warriors are more than just handsome faces!

Read a story at a time or all together because Anna J. Stewart’s world is a magical escape into adventure and romance that is hard to resist as three sisters find so much more than a runaway mother!

I received a complimentary copy from Anna J. Stewart!

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